Spigot PlayerSQL 2.12.3

Synchronize data between servers.

  1. caoli5288 submitted a new resource:

    PlayerSQL - save player to MySQL with no lag. load on player join.

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  2. Nentify


    Does it support NBT data?
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  3. It does.
  4. Nentify


    From the little bit of testing I've done, it works absolutely amazingly. CTB's version does not support NBT data, so I'd assume that's what causes the difference. This plugin successfully transfers all inventory data very quickly, including modular power suit armour modules, colours and ThermalExpansion blocks with energy inside.

    My only recommendation would be to add some English translations, and maybe make the config a little easier to read. I'd happily translate if you want. ^_^

    Tried crashing the server and everything, had absolutely no issues, all data is correct and in tact.
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  5. Sorry for no English translations.
    Keep calm, Like most of the plugins does not support Chinese, haha~
    Turn the daily.show to fales will help you.
  6. Nentify


    Could you explain what these config options do? I'm not noticing anything different when I change daily.show, haha.

    delay: 5

    use: true
    show: false
    delay: 240
    min: 5
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  7. It will take turn save everyone if online number > min.
  8. Nentify


    Ah, ok. What do the other settings do? (delay, show)
  9. daily.delay is the time wait for
  10. I'll translat all text soon
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  11. Mine supports everything Bukkit gives me. So yes, it supports NBT data.
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  12. Looks good! Nice job.
  13. Does it save the players location??
  14. This works great. Glad I waited to buy invsync. This works on mod items and /server {world} works without any issues from what ive seen.
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  15. Nentify


    Yup. I've translated an English version if you need it. I don't think InvSync handles NBT for mod items, as it doesn't seem to depend on plugins that can collect NBT. I may be wrong though.
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  17. Nentify


    He hasn't tested it in a modded environment when I asked him. So unless someone can confirm that. ;)
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  18. jeff142


    Looks good