Spigot PlayerSQL 2.12.3

Synchronize data between servers.

  1. The plugin was updated, but the version string wasn't updated. :)
  2. Found an issue with "large" inventories. Specifically, big books. I have a book thats over 2000 pages long and when someone carries this in their inventory their inventory will not save completely to the database because it doesnt fit in the "data" field. It gets truncated. :(


    Not entirely sure if there is a fix for this or not. I hope there is. Maybe have multiple data fields to break up the serialized inventory string if its too big?
  3. Some players are still having problems with inventory not syncing, not being able to open an inventory screen, not taking damage, etc.

    I found this in the log (player data masked): http://pastebin.com/P9a2d4DJ
  4. Has there been a fix for the GUI problem yet? Still getting the weird thing where you can't access anything that has a UI with the version I'm using.
  5. Please tell us what have been fixed, dont write updates like "bug fix".
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  6. Any options to add permissions/groups with bunggeecoord? It can be amazing and you can get a lot more downloafs if you do this
  7. hello this plugin appear to be nice, but its possible to add a new feature like disable worlds like multiverse core support to not copy the inventory of players if is in this world and disconnect?
  8. request feature: multiinv sql on selected world :D
  9. NotoriousNemo


    The download file says version 1.9.0
    I tried updating from 1.8 to 1.9 and I can't get it to work, im using the lastest spigot version which is 1.8.3.
    I always have problems updating this plugin, can anyone recommend a good alternative plugin to this?

    I just rated the plugin 1 star, because everytime I update a version, the plugin breaks.
    Not to mention that the plugins homepage has little information about the plugin, and how to install it, and what the plugin needs to have a proper install.
    A plugin this sensitive needs more info on the homepage, and installation instructions.
    Here is what it says on the homepage, its missing alot of important information.

    == PlayerSQL ==
    === Features ===
    It sync player's
    * Health
    * Food level
    * Exp level
    * Armor
    * Inventory
    * Ender-chest
    * PotionEffect
    cross servers.


    Trun off auth plugin' s "protect inventory" anyway.
    Compatible with server 1.8.
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  10. can you teach me how to use this plugin with MySQL. I don't understand how to use. Plz:(
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  11. NullBlox


    Hello! Wonderful Plugin! Also Thanks for Keeping it free for the community.

    I made you a Icon to Replace your BlackBox Default One.

    [​IMG] or [​IMG]
    Link: http://i.imgur.com/EJk9df8.png
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  12. NullBlox


    I hope this helps you.

    Code (Text):
      database: jdbc:mysql://YOURMYSQLIPHERE:3306/DATABASENAMEHERE
      password: YOURPASSWORD

    Need to find your servers ip but you only have the name server of the mysql hosting site? "example: s67x.freemysqlhosting.org"
    then open a terminal "command prompt on windows." in the terminal window type “nslookup YOURMYSQLURL”

    YOURMYSQLURL is the web name as seen in the"example" above.
    If you already know the ip you do not need to do this.

    In Terminal “nslookup YOURMYSQLURL”  will run a name search for your mysql hosts ip address.
    Grab that ip and Paste it in the “YOURMYSQLIPHERE” as seen above.

    The Terminal Output should look similar to this.

    _______________Terminal Output___________________

    Command that was entered: nslookup s67x.freemysqlhosting.org

    Server: xxx.xxx.x.x

    Address: xxx.xxx.x.x#xx

    Non-authoritative answer:


    Address: oo.ooo.oo.o.o


    You will want to use the "Address: oo.ooo.oo.o.o" for your ip in the setting if the name-server does not work for you.

    Any server you want to have the same inventory you need to have this plugin installed on.


    Server A
    Server B
    Server C

    A is lobby.
    B is main game.
    C is minigame.

    If you want your Inventories to cross from A to B you need to have this plugin installed into both A & B with the same settings.
    This show above would allow C to be its own mini-game server completely separated from the Main server.
    Also with the setup above you could have your mini games inject console commands to the lobby or main game.
    Its all on how you want to work it out.

    Note: thats a example x and o are variables and could be any number depending on what services you use.
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  14. NullBlox


    leave the "jdbc:mysql" and fill in the BOLD letters.

    its simple once you know how. Need help Pm me I can also help you through Skype.
  15. Okey, i found a way to duplicate items between two servers, here "Server 1" and "Server 2".

    1. Kill yourself on "Server 1"
    2. Quit to Title screen without respawning.
    3. Rejoin the bungeecord network and connect to "Server 2".
    4. You are dead there too, so respawn and go back to the place you died (with /back) or something.
    5. Pick up your items and go back to "Server 1".
    (5.5 Sometimes you're "dead", but as soon as you press Respawn you spawn at the place you were dead at with duplicated items.)
    6. Voila! You have successfully duplicated all your items.

    I 'm not gonna say i know how to fix this, (since i'm not a coder myself) but you could try to sync everything on a PlayerDeathEvent or if there's a event for when a player specifically quits to Title screen when dead.

    Really great that you have fixed all the buggs that were here last time i tried the plugin, but this seriously makes it unuseable for me.

    Hope you understood what i was trying to explain, if not, write a reply and i can make a video showing it off or show you on my server.
  16. I resolved this issue by not sync health between servers best way IMO