Spigot PlayerSQL 2.12.3

Synchronize data between servers.

  1. Does it do that even after a simple reboot ?
  2. NotoriousNemo


    yes it still doesnt let the player login after a reboot.
  3. same here.... there are no more update..
  4. NotoriousNemo


    The player locked data is now not letting more people join, some players that havn't changed their name cant join now.
    Edit: Im no longer using this plugin for many reasons.
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  5. Will this work with minecraft version 1.7.10 or am I wasting my time? I've tried the latest version and when I check the plugins while in game its the only one that is still red and not working. Do I have to setup the config file first for it to work correctly?
  6. hi

    i just set up a new server with your plugin and have the same error like @NotoriousNemo i am using version 1.11 of your plugin with a Bungeecord server and Spigot
    if i login a few seconds after the error occured i can log in to the server but my inventory is not synced.

    i take a look into the database and it seems like the online flag does not goes to false when a player changes the server.I also tried to disconnect from the server and the flag also stays 1.
    when i login the server kicks me end sets the flag to 0 when i login again it works, but when i log off same error the flag stays true

    hope you can fix it
    sorry for bad english
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  7. Dacon


  8. Hey everyone,

    I've had problems myself with the most recent version (especialy the data is locked thing)
    The previous version works fine for me under 1.8.3.
    Since the author cannot have more than one file on spigot I decided to upload it for you. I hope thats ok.

    PlayerSQL 1.9.0 Snapshot

    Hope that helps.

    Speaking of helping:
    Can anyone help me? I'd like to know the shortest way of looking into one's inventory from a backup.
    I backup the inventory table every 5 minutes. If PlayerSQL fails, how do I restore that inventory?
    Setting up a testserver and importing the database is not very handy.

    Any help appreciated.
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  9. Dacon


    Data no longer syncs upon login, requires all the servers to restart for everything to sync
    Has gotten a lot worse, and now you have to connect 2-3 times before being able to stay on
    This all started to happen once I updated the servers to 1.8.3 and the plugin to the latest version

    I really love this plugin, hopefully these issues can be resolved soon
  10. At first install, is it possible to migrate existing player data from flat file to mysql?
  11. Dacon


  12. Seems to work pretty good. Thank you for the effort.
    You think you can find a method, that the players inventroy is empty before it is loaded? If the server lags, it would be a item dupe possibility.

    Second thing. Can we translate the plugin messages?
  13. Yes. just fork it from github.com
  14. Sorry, I don't have any programming skills. I depend fully on you and your skills. All I can do is make suggestions / bugreports and thank you kindfully for your work.
    I you make a messagefile, I will gladly translate it into german.

    Alle the best
  15. Very very nice and usefull plugin. I still have the "Your data is locked,login later." problem. I tried to change the delay to 40+ but its still happen and the Inventories disappear if i update von 1.10.x to 1.11.x. Must i wipe the database before updating it to 1.11.x or 1.12?

    After updating to 1.12
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  16. Not working for me...

    It say's unable to connect to Database

    the funny thing is, that this database ist used by an other plugin in, and it there it works perfectly ^^

    Can you help me?