PlayerVaults: How to disable in certain MVC world?

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  1. I currently got the plugin called "PlayerVaults", and I have been messing around with it. On my server I use multiple inventories to keep people from going to creative, and bringing into survival. I am able to go into creative, get items, open my vault and put it in. I can comeback into survival, and recover all the items. Is there any way I am able to disable "PlayerVaults" in my plot world?
    - Thanks, Zerekify
  2. If you have a permission plugin like PermissionsBukkit, you can remove everyone's PlayerVaults perms for whatever world you don't want them to be able to use vaults in.
  3. I have PermissionsEx, and how would I do that?
  4. Just set permissions per world.
  5. Not really sure how. Could I have a example?
  6. Like this.

    And use MultiWorld. MV is garbage.
  7. Thanks, I'll try it out later! I'm gonna stick with MV for now until it actually becomes a problem.
  8. How do I know whether to use - -essentials.blah or - essentials.blah ?
  9. - essentials.node to give permission
    - -essentials.node to negate permission

    It's not always required to negate every single permission. It's just some developers are stupid and set permissions to default true, and with a plugin with a lot of nodes (like mcMMO), it's a bitch to configure.

    This is what I do for plugins that have a bunch of default true permission nodes. If there's ever something I want to negate in a plugin with a lot of nodes, I will negate that node and then do plugin.*

    So say I don't want players to use ban but I want them to have everything else.

    - -essentials.ban
    - essentials*

    The way PEX works is it scans down the list. So it will see -essentials.ban before essentials.* and will block the player from using ban, but all other essentials commands will go down to essentials.* which obviously gives them permission for it. If essentials.* came first and -essentials.ban after, it would see essentials.* first and let them use ban regardless if -essentials.ban comes after it or now.
  10. Alright, I get it now. Thanks you were very helpful!