Playervaults "Plugin Already Initialized" error

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  1. Heya, I've been using PVs for a while now with the PlayerVaults plugin, and all of the sudden, presumably after restarting my server, the plugin decides it does not want to load. I am aware that you guys are going to tell me to clear out my plugins folder as I probably have a duplicate, but I can rule that out..

    The command does not work ingame, so obviously PVs is not loaded, and when deleting the only PlayerVaults.jar that I see, it still does not load, because no other .jar file in my plugins folder is PlayerVaults.jar

    If you have had this problem before and found a way to get your plugin to load again without going into the code itself, please do share how to fixed it. This is going to be detrimental to my server if I can't get them fixed.

    Thank you for reading.

  2. Please do not ever use PlugMan. I do realise you find it useful, but it more often than not just breaks plugins or causes memory leaks.
    E.g. I've never actually written a plugin which I support either reload or plugman with, because it's not supposed to be used. They're both bad. Don't.
  3. But is that the reason that PlayerVaults won't load?
    No matter what, restarting or using plugman, I am given the same error.

    Also, I use plugman a lot for when I just need to *unload* plugins rather than load them, as then I don't have to run a restart on a server to get rid of a bug in a plugin before it gets out of hand.

    Either way, know anything about this bug?
  4. Try a new download.
  5. Using 3.5.6 from Spigot did not work, tried redownloading 3.5.7 but to no avail, it still thinks it's already initialized.
  6. Disable *all* plugins except that single binary and let me know if it still happens.
  7. Huh, yeah something else must be causing it, because it does enable. I will add them back one at a time.
  8. The problem was ServerListMOTD... Guess I'll find a different plugin that does the same thing.

    What would it take to make them compatible?
  9. ServerListMOTD is just PlayerVaults in disguise, then, or PlayerVaults has poor package naming and so does ServerListMOTD.
    Open the jars and show the plugin.ymls
  10. Thats what its lookin like