Playstation? Xbox?

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What's your PERSONAL favorite?

  1. Xbox

    17 vote(s)
  2. Playstation

    23 vote(s)
  1. So, one of the biggest controversial debates between the two leading console providers.

    Who do you think is the top dog? PS or Xbox?
  2. I can't really say. I've had pretty good experiences on both, yet the same amount of bad ones. If I had to choose then... xbox. I really only played GTA on PS. Pretty much it.
  3. Why not make a poll? XBox has a better UI than PS and is more "universal" imo (can hook with all microsoft products etc)
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  4. Poll added.

    And yeah! I agree with Xbox being more universal, and also the fact Xbox doesn't require you to be in the same lobby to be in a party like PS required.
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  5. Ima big fan of the ps4 tbh
  6. I prefer/grew up with xbox. Never ever changing unless something triggers it.
  7. Xbox for liiiife, never had good luck with playstations and I just dont like the interface
  8. I would not play on any Console, i stay with the good old pc
  9. Both systems are good, It really depends what you grew up with/what your friends play on. ( Xbox ftw tho :p )
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  10. md_5

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    Not sure about playstation, but xboxes are dirt cheap at the moment
  11. IDK.............................................................................THIS IS TOO HARD
  12. Well Ill throw my two cents in.... Im partial to PS... grew up with it. Im old, I remember when we were kids and we somehow got the PS1 like a year before they were released in north america. I do agree the GUI on PS4 isn't the best, but I have to say I much prefer the controller of the PS4 of the bulky xbox controller.
    I have both systems, but I myself haven't actually played the new xbox system. Its in the bedroom collecting dust haha.
    On that note I dont really play the PS4 much either. I bought it strictly for Uncharted 4 (LOVE IT) but i basically used it for a year playing MineCraft until I discovered how much better MC Java is.
    I guess it really counts down to personal preference vs which is actually better.
  13. Nah nah nah, dont be a console peasant. Ascend to the PC Master Race!
  14. Wow 12/12 thats pretty divided xD I don't really care for either but the PS4 UI/UX is better
  15. Ps4 i think but dunno many other people like Xbox
  16. I like the playstation because of the games you can play on it. :)
  17. I have both consoles and I like both of them equally.
    The xboxis very good, i love the controller. As a console it is good with racing games.

    The playstation is good and possibly better as it noe has the VR capability and the games that you get monthly with the membership are far better than xbox have been.
  18. Playstation all the way :)
  19. Would go for the ps4
  20. But better: PC !

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