Spigot PlayTime » 1.7 - 1.17 • PlaceholderAPI support 2.1.1

Never wonder how many hours you or anyone else has spent on your server ever again!

  1. Understandable! :)
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  2. Hey Love the plugin, any chance you could have a /playtime <player> clear and /playtime clear and /playtime clearall, along with a permission node for each?
  3. Also I get it is meant to be super lightweight, but someway of removing someones playtime seems minimal :D
  4. This specific PlayTime plugin is meant to be very lightweight and basic. There's tons of other more advanced PlayTimes with features such as that - the easiest way to do what you're asking for is to open the config.yml, find the specified players UUID and clear their playtime, then save the config.yml and reload the plugin. (Sorry fam, usually do add requested features - but this plugin is specifically meant to be extremely lightweight and basic)
  5. Have you thought about changing the lightweight and basic idea? :) I'm not the only one that would like a little bit more to this. I understand that stuff like this takes time, but I have seen an opportunity for a shit load of downloads & reviews.
  6. And to top it off, I know you're an incredible dev, so whatever comes in the future would be worth using.
  7. I completely understand what you mean. I'm unfortunately very busy with life as of recently.
    I turned 18 last October and graduated high school this year. I'm now working full time at Food Lion as a cashier to make ends meet.
    I was randomly thrown out of my house when I lived with my father. (Had to take a break from SpigotMC and handed over my premium resources to a close friend until I returned around 3-4 months ago)

    This is not a sop story nor a message trying to get sympathy. (It's just real life - sh*t happens)
    My point is: I'm very busy now. I barely have ANY free time.
    I get two days off a week and those two days I try and enjoy myself as much as I can and prepare for the next week of work ahead of me.
    Of course I do put some work into my resources and every single night I ensure I check Spigot and my resource Discord and respond to everyone before I sleep.

    This is not a very popular free resource of mine and there's TONS of other PlayTime plugins out there - ones with PlaceholderAPI support, AFK management, etc.
    I only posted this resource as I had around 15-20 people specifically ask me for a very simple and stupidly lightweight PlayTime plugin.
    If I manage to get some more free time and this runs across my mind, I will most definitely look into adding your requested feature.
    There's just a lot on my plate as of recently.
    All this real world sh*t, my server, my resources and then just people in general.
    Trying to get my life situated and still be able to pay rent if you get what I'm saying.
    Hopefully you can understand what I'm trying to say and I am sorry for the inconvenience.
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  8. Greatly appreciate the kind words man. ❤️
    Pretty much the only reason I'm even still here at this point. The support lmao.
    Well that and I do have to fix any issues with my premium plugins as that'd just be a f*cked thing if I didn't.
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  9. Understandable with both replies. Wish you the best of luck on everything outside of MC & SPIGOT!
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  10. are there any plans to update this plugin any more?? a command to list the top playtimes would be really nice if you would be willing to add it :) really nice, simple playtime plugin and I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for a simple playtime plugin that just works as expected
  11. Unfortunately I do believe I'd have to recode the way the data is saved to be able to add your request. (At least to my knowledge - I am self taught, so I'm probly just stupid)
    If I do add this, unfortunately it won't be soon. I do apologize.
    Thank you for the kind words.
  12. Can you add a command (with a perm obviously <3) to allow a player to turn off the option of the plugin telling them if someone has viewed their playtime? Also, I don't see a permission to check your own playtime, is it automatic?
  13. By default you can view your own PlayTime, I believe there's a permission to check others PlayTime.
    If not, just let me know and I'll add that if need be.
    Also, I do believe there's a setting in the config.yml to disable that alert message. Again, if not, I'll add it.
    Can't do it at this very second, nor check at this very second, but I will later today.
  14. There's an option to disable it, that's correct. But I'm wanting to have it enabled for everyone by default. To avoid someone spamming someone's chat by checking their playtime, id like players to have an option to turn them notifications off.
  15. Ah, okay. Well I hadn't considered adding that to the plugin, I might, but in my own server I added a simple /settings menu that gives and removes the permission to the player upon enabling/disabling said setting.
    I should have some freetime within' the next few days. Apologize for the wait.
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  16. It's no problem!
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  17. You say it supports offline Players, but I tried it and I just get an iternal error.

    Paper Spigot 1.15.2
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  18. (Sorry English is not good, from Google translator.)
    I have some ideas.

    ①. Support for PlaceholderAPI.
    ②.Set a specific date to display the number of days from it to today.
    ③. Displays the number of days from the player's first game time to the present, allowing custom units (year, month, day)