Spigot PlayTime 1.0

Able players to check own or other players' PlayTime

  1. in what time is "wait a till"??????
  2. Hey @chris125 , did you download the skript only for disturbing for the WIP thing? lel
    Solved anyway, sorry for the wait time...
    Have a nice day.
    #3 Sitieno14, Jul 7, 2018
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  3. It works correctly, just is obfuscated, just load it in your minecraft server please.
  4. O I see, o ok
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  5. would you be able to make it not obfuscated? @Sitieno14
  6. Just tell me a reason and I will evaluate this possibility
  7. its better to have it de-obfuscated so that the other people who download this skript, can see the code and edited it (if they want)
  8. This implies that they wouldn't leave a review or ask for new features helping me updating this resource
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