Spigot PlayTime 1.0

Measure and view player playtime

  1. guyag submitted a new resource:

    PlayTime - Measure and view player playtime

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  2. Request: I would definitely use this plugin if there was a feature added where i could check the monthly time of each person who plays on the server.
  3. Year thats what i am missing too :D
    Monthly playintime scan
  4. Would you add database support? I would love this if it had that so I could intergrate it with my website.
  5. Can you add a ontime top? :)
  6. Can you add a reload command?
  7. request: could you add a first seen function? to see when a player was first seen on the server?
  8. Does this plugin support UUIDs?
  9. Pls let us define in the config our own timeformat...secounds,mins,hours,days,months,years :D
  10. Does this work in 1.8? Its not working for me!!!