Spigot PlayTimeLimiter 0.35

PlayTimeLimiter limits the amount of time players can spend on your server.

  1. malgm submitted a new resource:

    PlayTimeLimiter - PlayTimeLimiter limits the amount of time players can spend on your server.

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  2. What's the point in this plugin? Surely you'd want them playing for hours on end instead if randomly booting them off because they'd play too long?
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  3. The idea is for challenge-based servers. At some point I need to add a feature so certain players have unlimited time. With that in place you could use it to limit the time newer players can come on for, until they become an actual member of your server.
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  4. This is a good concept, once you explain it, as you did here. Just describe it on the actual resource page.
  5. Wait, You want players to play LESS time on your server?
  6. Thanks, I'll be sure to update the resource page, if not today, tommorow.

    If you read my above message, you will see why. To add onto that aswell, I should as some point add in some extra settings, for like time expires daily, rather than continuing throughout days.
  7. @WakeNetwork you shouldn't put 1 star on a plugin that works. The rating is meant for you to vote on if the plugin works as described or not, not for you to vote based on your personal opinion of the plugin's usefulness. The dev has put work into this, and it is not for you to say that just because you don't have a use for it that it deserves 1 star. As @malgm has previously said, it's used for this:

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  8. The plugin does not work
    if i is type its Kommand "/playtime start" because only how much time I have to play on the server. but now when I "/playtime check" simply indicating the time does not run down what I'm doing wrong, HELP!
  9. I'm guessing English isn't you primary language, however thats sounds like it's not specifying the startTime, I will investigate.
  10. @Luciver51 a copy of you server log would be greatly appreciated :)
  11. First of all thanks. I declare something I want to do. I would like a pvp server Put on which everyone can play only 1 hour per day player. I hope this is at all possible with this plugin.

    Log and config:


    Then came :

    at unomodding.bukkit.playtimelimiter.PlayTimeLimiter.setPlayerLoggedOut(PlayTimeLimiter.java:245) ~[?:?]
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  12. Please either use Pastebin or the BB codes.
  13. OK, thanks for your log. Sorry for the late reply. At some point today, I will post again to (hopefully) reveal what is going wrong.
  14. @Luciver51 If you could please try out this, sorry I haven't uploaded to Spigot Resources, just wanted to see if it worked first. Also I will soon be adding a feature to the config, so you can set weather time can travel throughout days, that will help out with your pvp server :)
  15. Whats the finality of this plugin? I don't want players go out of my server...
  16. @maigm

    Love the plugin

    I tried your bugfix and it is still not working ;( (Spigot 1.8)

    Maybe 1.8 is the problem...

    EDIT: here's the log. Many errors occured... http://pastebin.com/7Rr0ysQU
    EDIT 2: same on all other versions of the plugin

    Feature Request:

    - option to limit the timetravels feature :)

    Thanks for the plugin :)
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  17. Thanks, I will look into any issues with Spigot 1.8. I actually think the timeTravels feature is backwards at the moment.

    What do you mean by limit the timetravels feature?
  18. @malgm I mean that if a player doesnt play for 2 years the time he can play won't be 360 hours (if time per day is set to 1h) but the limit for this is for example 5 hours. You understand what I mean?

    Thank you, I am looking forward to using the plugion on my spigot 1.8 server. Tried your canary builds... But I cannot use them because there is no plugin.yml :D
  19. Ah I get you, I look into adding that. The Canary builds are for CanaryMod available at http://canarymod.net/ (it's a server mod like Spigot and Bukkit (more info at http://canarymod.net/page/about)).
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