Spigot PlayTimeRewards 2.2.0

Reward players for hours of play & daily joins!

  1. D4n13lH submitted a new resource:

    PlayTimeRewards - Reward players for hours of play & daily joins!

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  2. bug report:
    Daily login reward runs on every login instead of the first login of the day for the player. (players could exploit this by log spamming)
  3. Oh, I'll check that out 2moro, I thought I fixed that lol
  4. Just realised it's coz I never put {} around the code in the "if" where it checks that, I'm uploading the fixed version now :)

    Edit: not just that, I misspelled the config path...
    #6 D4n13lH, Dec 17, 2014
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  5. All fixed!
  6. Cool!
    Hope to see this be used on many servers.
    It is already active on mine
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  7. Just realised I never released V1.0.2
  8. hey nice plugin, please add multiple commands feature, i want to give money and say something to player :)
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  9. ok then :)
  10. Once I finish my current WIP plugin I'll add multiple commands :)
  11. I've began work on it now :)
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  12. I need that too xD
    Would be awesome if you can make it for us. :D
    When do you think you are done coding it?
  13. Not really sure, I've been a bit inactive at the minute due to Christmas, but, unless its aleardy out, the development speed will up a lot after the holidays :)
  14. Always those busy days before the new year xD
    I cant wait for the update! I hope it wont take long after the holidays :d
  15. It won't :)
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