Spigot PlayTimeRewards 2.2.0

Reward players for hours of play & daily joins!

  1. @BertMitPferd
    Nearly done :)

    Also, I'm adding a feature so if you enable the plugin manually while the server is running it triggers the loginEvent checks for the online players.
  2. I think 1. is a nice feature if there is a toggle command for the player to toggle the scoreboard on/off and for performance i think a option to set the refresh rate of the scoreboard can help.

    thanks :) i think language will help many people :)
    and maybe you add a refresh command? so it will be possible to edit the config while the server is running if it is possible and dont breake any thing like the saved playerdate, for that maybe save the player data to another file?
    just an idea :) maybe you will add after you add your ideas
  3. I'm gonna add a command in-game so you can edit the config while its running without it wiping your changes for the minute reward :)
  4. that would be great ;) thanks alot for you hard work an quick responses.
    just do it step by step :D at the moment I am completely satisfied with your plugin, it works greate and is a simple way to reward all players.
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  5. wow...

    I'll look into it. It's weird, I thought I'd fixed that ages ago, it just seems to come and go for me lol
  6. I think you need to look in to the timer thing again.....I have a reward set to every 5 hours but for some reason something broke and it's rewarding a few players every 1 min.

    See the coloured text for proof


    Here's some info from my player on Skype http://prntscr.com/5yk22t

    It looks like the timer gets stuck on 4 hours 59 min and doesn't reset back to zero. He can verify this with /playtime
  7. It stops at 4 hours 59 min? Odd.

    BTW /playtime doesn't reset every time

    Can I see your config?
  8. I've already removed the reward every 5 hours from my config. I can post a backup copy of it later when I get home from work but I have the time set to 300 min. and as per my logs there it gets stuck on 4 hours 59 min and rewards every 1 min
  9. It has something to do with playtime or whatever because my players /playtime was stuck on 4 hours 59min and looping the 1 min http://prntscr.com/5yk88w
  10. Could I see the backup plz?
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  11. same problem here atm with 2 players all works fine, but now with 5 players it wont count for all players and also dont count right for all players.

    here is my config

    no errors in log, nothing, th player how has 16 as playtime is over 3 hours online an 1 player is not listet in the config
  12. K, this is getting quite confusing. I'll try fix ASAP
  13. don't fix this ASAP....take your time man and test these changes. No point in rushing out something that's broken.
  14. take you time, maybe include a debugmode to log all action. may its easier to find the bugs.
    if you provide a dev build i will test it and provide you the logs or what you need and sorry again for my poor english, i hope you understand it :D
  15. I have a question.. Is there a way to reward them for playing longer than 1 hour? Like maybe 10 hours?
  16. It runs every time they hit another hour's playtime. You can also change the delay in the config.
  17. I'm not gonna rush it, I'm testing this so thoroughly this time. I just meant that I'd make it my main priority so it gets fixed quicker :)
  18. I may actually open-source this and release dev builds on bitbucket