please can any one help me ?!

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by ImSkillerS, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. hello i am making a server and i want help

    i want to make when the player dead if he has diamond_axe will not drop it how can i make it ?
  2. Are you asking for help coding the plugin? Or are you looking for a developer to make the plugin for you?
  3. what are you asking for?
  4. Benz56

    Junior Mod Supporter

    Read his post.

    Do you need help creating it yourself or do you need someone to do it for you.
  5. Is he asking for coding help or a dev to make it for him?
  6. Benz56

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    Damn. I thought you were the poster.
    That is what happens when you don’t have a profile picture lol.
  7. i ask for codding
  8. LOL will fix :)
  9. Ok now we know
  10. Strahan


    When you say "will not drop", what exactly do you mean? Making a plugin that executes anyone who picks up a diamond axe would be simple (and a bad idea) but we'd need to know specifically what circumstances to kill the person as I assume simply having a daxe isn't enough heh.
  11. i mean The Codding if any player has diamond axe and he dead will not drop it (( Keep It )
    what is the codding of this ?
  12. Strahan


    Oh.. so basically the keepInventory gamerule but just for diamond axes? At time of death, throw them in a map keyed on UUID with the value an ItemStack List of whatever daxes they had at time of death. Remove the daxes from the drop list. Then on the respawn event, check if the map has the player and if it does, give them the axes back and remove player from map. Be sure to remember to remove player from map on logout, and write map to disk on shutdown.

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