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  1. Hello not sure if this is the right place to post it but here it is I was wondering if there was a way to make a movie theather plugin which basicly you use maps in item frames and you can make it big or small then when you type in a command it plays a certain movie or video you put into the config mabye if you get into a region it would play the movie and sound and not in other places.

    And please don't tell me it's impossible because here's proof of it working kinda.

    I would pay if someone was able to make it and I would tell more descriptions on how it should look and ect I also have another idea of how it could work using holograms display theres some plugins like that.That might make it more possible or if like a texturepack hade the sound for each money since theres a server who added there voice for tutorials in there server.

    So if anyone is interested in the challenge then great I would have to chat with you on how much you would be getting payed.

    Also Spigot staff if this is not the right place to post it do not delete it please tell me so I can move it to the right one :)
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  2. I would simply note that this is possible, yes, but updating so many item frames would lag the server. And even if you have an enormous server to handle the lag (hypothetically), almost no clients would be able to watch. You'd need the beefiest client in the world, and most of your players would have little use trying to watch it without crashing.

    Not to burst your bubble but this is far, far easier with a resource pack. Just create an animation file using mcmeta, insert as many frames as you need, set a framerate, and apply the animation to a block. Repeat for each part of the screen.

    But hey, anything's possible... Although my guess is you'll need to get out a big paycheck ready for whoever makes this.
  3. :p I need a vid.
  4. Well... If you don't know how to make a resource pack, I could potentially make one for such a concept. (Maybe for a small fee, if you want something longer than 15 seconds, because that alone would be 300 frames.)

    I can, however, get you a copy of something very simplified for free that I use on my server for low-framerate "advertisement" video sets on command blocks.
  5. Na
    nvm it's fine gonna stop this post now.
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