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  1. So, the past three days I've been pulling semi-all nighters, 10 hour days until 3 in the morning working on one thing: GAListener. What a pain, right?! Regardless, I've created several different threads on here for several different issues I've encountered and have finally stooped down to having someone else, someone a lot more experienced I presume, do the work for me.

    Rundown of my software/plugins stuff:

    - Spigot for MC1.10
    - Votifier as voting plugin
    - GAListener 1.3.1 as the listener (Because apparently the version matters)
    - Dedicated ExtraVM 1GB Server

    Now for the configuration:

    Thanks guys SO MUCH in advance, this will lift ten tons off of my shoulders.
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  2. The solution: compare line 62 with 67.
  3. without : and a double space. Compare with line 62 and you can see the difference, sorry for my english.