[Please HELP ME!!] [1.14] I am suffered from this error for a week..

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  1. Hello, I'm an admin and trying to upgrade my server to 1.14.
    But, I cannot connect server because of a critical error.

    Code (Text):
    [23:34:42] [Server thread/INFO]: OngMong lost connection: Internal Exception: java.lang.IllegalStateException: EvtPacket cannot be triggered asynchronously from another thread.
    Bukkit shows it whenever I join the server,

    And I am try to separate half or plugins, and quarter...BUT

    I could only check half.. Because The error is occured with two plugin. (..conflict.. I think)

    I will attach the full console log, and plugin lists.

    Please help me!

    plugin list (error half.)
    + excel file with links attached (all)

    full log

    and.. its my discord link to send message to me.. https://discord.gg/nCusC83

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  2. You said it yourself maybe plugins were conflicting, don't just try one plugin at a time, try all your plugins MINUS skript and then see how it goes. If that still has the same problem then you can rule skript out.
  3. Skipt plugins are notorious for causing problems!

    Remove them all and find 'real' plugin alternatives.
  4. Yup, especially lag.
  5. Skellet plugin is a problem for me as well. It is an addon for script witch is already updated to 1.14 in a latest release 2.3.7.

    Remove the skellet and everything will work as always
  6. Thanks..!