Please help me i need this

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  1. Yeah, i coded a KnockIT Plugin and need help for my /setdeath command, i want if they do /setdeath to map1 like Map1 = test123 Map2 = test456 Map3 = tes789 and if they do /setdeath 1 its getting Y Block i have everything than they die, but if they are in Y in every World they die :C

    My code
  2. I would check to make sure that you are checking the worlds properly. It seems you are pulling an int from the config. Do you mean to pull a string then get the world by name and compare?
  3. Sorry im not the best in English i hope i understand it, yeah i want i have a command /setmap And than there is generating a Config with every String "Map, X,Y,Z,Yaw,Pitch" if im in world "test" there is a message "Your world test is now the 1. Map" a d jf i do /setdeath there i just should die at the Y in world test