Please help me, im desperate

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  1. Hello spigot,
    i have a cracked server using spigot #1649 build.

    Now, this is my problem :

    If my nick is DRAGON
    someone joins the server with DrAGON nick, server aks him to register not to login, and if he had rank, all kits reset, and he can use kits again, he has all permissions.

    If i am already on server with nick DRAGON, and someone joins and just changes small/large letter, it doesn't even asks him to login/register, sessions in my authme reloaded config are turned off. I really need a solution for this problem, i am solving this for half a year, tried everything, and all versions of authme, 5 mins ago, they hacked my server this way..

    Please anyone help me..
  2. One answer: online-mode = true

    Just buy the game, Minecraft probably has the highest entertainment per buck you will find in a long long time.
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  3. In my state, 100% servers are cracked, i wouldn't had players if i had premium server.. I have premium account, i already bought minecraft.
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  4. Your nickname is Dragon but the actual player's name is dragon correct?

    If so, why not just ban their ip? Make sure its their ip in the essentials config. Make sure to let them join the server first then ban them quickly, and search the ip in config. ban that ip and ban the ip you see in /seen. Then unban your name and come back on the server.
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  5. If my nick is DRAGON and someone joins with dRAGON for example, server asks him to register, not to login. IPBan is not a solution in this case :/
  6. I dont understand... but okay heres another solution. use your cracked client to register on your server with all the different possibilities of Dragon. (Dragon, DRAGON, DRagon, DRAgon, DRAGon, DRAGOn, dRAGON) Long time but i guess its worth it. Use xauth i never had a problem with this when I was a cracked player.

    By the way what do you mean by your nickname? do you mean /nick with essentials or your actual username? 2 different things.
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  7. Actual username, i tought about changing to xAuth but i need database convertor from Authme Reloaded to xAuth, i'm not sure xAuth will help but worth a try
  8. Hm. This sounds like a suggestion you can make to authme dev if its still being developed. if not i suggest dont even bother with converting, my guess is that people wont mind registering again =P

    If so find a dev that can customize authme or xauth to check for case changes in usernames. I might be able to do it but idk how, ill look into it =P
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  9. Ok...still need a solution
  10. Very few are cracked
  11. In Serbia, 100% servers are cracked. Gg.
  12. joehot200


    Switching to xAuth will solve the issue. There's a converter on their bukkit page.
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  13. This should fix your problem.
  14. JamesJ


    Then encourage player's to buy the game..
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  15. I used to be cracked player, Its hard to get the game when your parents wont buy it or you just dont have the money to.
  16. Solved, thank you!
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    It's nice to see people who can actually solve their issue. Rather than a lot of people who I'd have to directly link them to xAuth and the converter and they still wouldn't get it for one reason or another.
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  18. The game is like what, $30? You can make $10-20 a day doing ClickWorker.
  19. Yeah, you judge search engine results. Like $0.13 each. I just speed through them. Make about $200 a month in beer money. Not an alcoholic