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  1. Hello!

    So @MrHodge created me an awesome custom-coded minigame plugin a few weeks ago. After beta testing it for ages, I decided that it worked and paid him the full amount. However, after releasing the server to the public, I found a super weird glitch that I somehow missed in the testing stages - whenever someone leaves the a game, the game restarts and a random player in announced the winner.

    @MrHodge told me that he would always provide free bug support no matter how big it was. However, now, he has completely disappeared and doesn't answer me when I try to contact him. According to his status on Spigot, his internet went but it's been about two weeks of inactivity from him. Now, I'm stuck with a broken plugin and no developer to help me.

    So, I know this is silly, but I was wondering if anyone could help me fix the bug please? If someone was to help, the job would be to decompile the plugin, and then find the bug, and fix it. My budget is out, so I can't offer any payment except my uttermost gratitude. If someone could please help me with this, I would be so grateful. Thanks!
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    If you could give me the stack trace and a downloadable ZIP that I can just put into eclipse, I should be able to fix the issue. If I must I guess I could decompile it, but that would take quite a lot of time (which I don't have).

    Edit: Just realized there is no stack trace. Just the ZIP then please. I can't guarantee I can fix it, but I certainly can give it a try.
  3. Hey! Thanks for commenting and your offer, however I don't have the knowledge to decompile the plugin (I have tried using JD-GUI and various other methods). I have a lot of time, so if you know a tutorial for decompiling I would do it for sure - I just don't have any experience with the Java language nor Eclipse. If you still want to help (which would be awesome), I can send you it via email? Thanks!
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    Just use JD-GUI and use "Open a file" to decompile it. Honestly no idea how to put that into a zip.

    *Sighs* Can you send me the jar? Might have a look and seeing if there is something that decompiles it into .class files (or if it has less than 3 classes I guess I could copy it manually, but more than 3 and it becomes a waste of time).
  5. Yeah sure. Could you send me your email address via PM and I can email it to you please?
  6. JD- GUI is a bad decompiler. I usually use one with a bit more quality.
  7. Like...?
  8. If you want I could fix it in no time - although to be honest I think I know the bug already - happends to allot of beginners - it probs has something to do with arraylists and saving all the players in a arraylist per arena - and then its getting either emptied to quick or loaded incorrectly (I.e. using #1 instead of #0) -( cuz it thinks there are no more players whereas there still is one or bad arena manager)

    I dunno just some random ideas I've seen before
    EDIT: my email is [email protected]