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  1. Hi! I am trying to make a working spigot server but every time i try to set up plugins for it, i just fuck everything up. SO i was thinking that can anyone here make those plugin things for my server so it works? i have been building worlds in there and there will come more so i need someone who could "update" it too. So i just send my server folder and etc.
  2. Download plugins from here
  3. So the plugins work fine until you edit the configs, and upon editing the configs, it breaks the plugin & the server? If you have a host, many of them offer plugin configuration services for $5-$10 (for a couple of plugins) try asking them first. Depending on the type of plugins, they're not to hard to reconfigure.
  4. well... if i have to pay i will still try by my self... becuse not worth of it
  5. Step 0.

    Apply this to everything in life, backup- backup- back the fuck up.

    Make a working backup of your whole server, this includes mysql databases etc if any, and i dunno what .. back it up.
    This way you can roll back to a working version.

    Upgrading spigot? back up the old stuff
    got a new plugin version? back it all up
    got another plugin? back it alllll up again...

    something went wrong? .. roll back from backup- no harm done.

    Step 1.

    Get buildtools

    Step 2.

    Use buildtools to get your own spigot jar file for the version you want

    Step 3.

    Get the plugins that you think you need (skip the ones you think you dont need but just want) HECK .. just pick ONE Plugin.. not 5 !
    Get the version they offer that works for the version you are running.

    If you want spigot 1.8.8, and get a plugin for 1.13.2, it will not work. Make sure the plugin works on 1.8.8 as well.

    Spoiler: Get 1.13.2 and ignore outdated stuff, for the best result.

    Step 4.

    Read the overview tab, so you learn if there is a wiki page for it, if there's docs for it, if there's installation and faq for it, etc.

    Step 5.

    Run the server without plugins, just get it up.. READ THE ERROR MSGS

    It will first complain about the EULA, then the BIND port, etc. etc.

    A great moment to learn how to run a server and how to read out errors and trouble shoot them. (don't be shy in asking question, just include the appropriate information)

    Once you have a server you can start, join, and stop .. you're ready for your first plugin. NOT BEFORE.

    Step 6

    When you have confirmed you have a running server, /stop it, and put the plugin jar inside the server's plugins/ folder.

    You need to run a plugin twice, once for the 'first time you run it', and once for 'every other time since'

    Again, make sure you read the installation instructions - they differ per plugin (one might require additional stuff to be installed first) (another one might require you to configure it first before it works)

    Start the server, keep an eye on the console, if there are errors while loading the plugin, take note! Contact the author for support if these errors make no sense to you.

    If everything went fine, just /stop the server again - you just did your "first run".

    Step 7

    Now go through the created files of your servers plugins/PLUGINNAME/ directory, they are in YAML format, so get a notepad++ editor, not regular notepad, or on mac get sublime text 3 or something that supports reading .yml files.

    Keep tabs tabs, keep spaces spaces, keep 4 spaces, 4 spaces.. don't screw around with that. If there are single quotes around things like
    name: 'susan', leave the single quotes there, and the variable would be name, and the key for this is then a string: susan. Only change the susan part.. if applicable.

    Step 8.

    Done configuring? Start the server up again !

    If there are errors, take note, repeat process of fixing them and/or getting support for it.

    Again: Let's do one plugin at a time! This way you LEaaarrrnNn

    Step 9.

    Connect to the server, learn the commands, when familiar, add the permissions or take away the permissions (if any) to the users. And test it as a user as well.

    When ready: introduce the feature to the users.

    Step 10.

    Back everything up again (you now have a working backup again you can roll back to if the next plugin test goes wrong)

    And go forward to the next plugin.


    Some plugin developers release their resources for free, or premium. Each dev has their preferred way of getting support questions. They all have one thing in common: They need to know if you host at home, or on a vps/dedicated somewhere, if you got the error during startup, by user action, or shutdown. What version of Spigot you are running, and which version of their plugin you're trying. AAAANDD what actually isn't working. Check the logs/console for any errors, and include these in your reports.

    REPORTS: Some prefer to use the forum thread, others a Private msg, others only discord, some require a github new-issue ticket. Some even have a specialized ticket system setup for support. Read up on the overview page HOW they want to get you to contact them, to avoid getting ignored. And be as complete as possible.

    good luck, have fun.

    - just saying: i can't do it, it goes wrong, you do it ... <---- That shows your users: im a lazy admin , dont expect this server to be stable or have a future ... Avoid that, become an admin that knows the basics of running a server, so you can offer a stable service to your players and give them the trust they deserve for wasting time online making builds, playing etc. Even if it's just for 2 friends.
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