Please help me!

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  1. solved.
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  2. OP hasn't purchased my plugin so I won't be giving him support.
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  3. oh...;(
  4. as you might notice this isn't my account as it has just been created, I have purchased your plugin but if you want to be such a big asshole about it, thank you then. Great service.
  5. How would anyone know that you're using a different account?
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  6. Yes because I keep track of everyone's alts on a site that has a rule against making alts.

    Either way, there's always this on the project page:
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  7. Ask in the thread for the plugin on the issue tracker, with the account you bought it with then, and drtshock will provide great support as he always does!

    Of course, I think we all know there is no "other account." Thats always the excuse, "my alt account/my co-owner bought it!"

    The rest of us however, we get to have a big laugh at your expense that you'd think you can come on the website where the product is for sale— with your stolen goods— and expect people to help you fix it lol.
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