PLEASE HELP! Spawn Issues 1.13.2

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  1. Hey guys,

    So listen carefully because this seems like a very peculiar issue that not anyone seems to be experiencing since there is no information on this topic. However, I have installed a downloaded spawn world into my server (1.13.2) as my main world and set the spawn there and what not. That is currently listed under "world" I have multiverse and I decided I wanted to build my own spawn so I began in the world "spawn". But before I get into that what began happening was I could not build more than 2 blocks on my main world where the downloaded spawn is without the connecting blocks behind them getting destroyed. Because that was persistent and I could not solve that I started the new world set the spawn etc etc. I went into the worlds config folder within multiverse core and tweaked the config to make the New spawn world the main spawn etc. It works for new players however upon the initiation of the command /spawn it brings me back to the old world spawn which I do not want to use. I'm not sure if new players will be sent to the new spawn because the only people I have had on the server have been all my friends, now after I switched everything around it treated us like new players and spawned us at the new spawn. Because I switched around the groupmanager worlds and stuff and changed some things added the new world into the configs and what not it kept my ranks and prefixes etc (which i had issues with when i tried this before.) But the main issue is the /spawn command brings me back to the previous world spawn. Any help or tips and direction would be much much appreciated as I am trying to open the server to the public within the week.

    (I have done everything myself plugins and config wise)

    I attached a screenshots of my server folder as well as all of the plugins and the available configuration folder if that helps in any way!

    Thank you to anyone who is able and willing to help!!

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  2. Move your downloaded spawn to the main world using worldedit and copy and paste it. Then set your spawn in the newly pasted spawn in the regular world. Then your problem should be fixed.
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    If you want to change the location that the /spawn command teleports you to then you will have to change your spawn location. (possibly with /setspawn but that kinda depends on the plugin that you use for the /spawn command)

    There are multiple approaches for changing the default world a new player joins in. Essentials has a first spawn config setting with which you could do that so that you don't have to change your main world. If you change your main world then you would have to also copy the playerdata and data folders from your old world to your new one as Minecraft stores these only in the main world folder which is why the server didn't recognise you as existing players after you simply changed the main world name.
  4. Thank you guys! I had just ended up going into the essentials spawn and changing the spawn point for all of the groups from group manager so now everyone is using the new spawn!