Please help World Guard command issue!

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  1. Please help me. I think a command is in correct, and the problem is build is denied, but I cant add anyone to help build! Is it a command mis type or something in permissions or config
    please help

    ok so I got the command to work, but now I am owner, and I cant build when I typed
    /rg flag 77 build -g nonmember deny
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  2. Try rearranging the "-g member" to be in a different place in the command. The order of arguments matters.
  3. it's -g member then deny
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    Yeah what the two people above said. xD You always have to put allow or deny at the end of a flag command.
  5. Look at it again now I have another problem...
  6. Post details if you want help with it.
  7. so
    I did the command and not only nonmembers of the area I claimed I (the owner) cant build on it? do I need essentials anti greif
  8. If you want to add someone to build, do /rg addmember 77 {their name}
  9. It still does not wirk
  10. I am very mad and stressed idk wh it's not working!!!!
  11. Do I need to to add permissions nodes in permissions
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    I can help you, PM me your server IP.
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