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  1. Hey, I'm kind of new to all this "dev" stuff and just a quick question.
    I see where it says permissions in (using as an example) the playervaults plugin, but how do I give a player permission to use a pv? Like, for example, it said one of the commands were playervaults.size.1 which is giving a player 1 row of the vault. This is for ranks only, so do I put it in the commands part of the package for buycraft?
    Also, how do I give people permission to ban/mute players, for the plugin AdvanceBan. It says the perm is ab.ban, but where do I put that?
    Thanks, CM

    I will respond asap.
  2. Here you go buddy :D

    playervaults.size.# - Number of rows for a player's vaults to have (1-6). Default: 6
    playervaults.amount.# - Amount of vaults you want a player to have.

    for example im ahave a rank have 3 vaults all at 1 row per vault

    - Playervaults.size.1
    - Playervaults.amount.3

    If your using essentials
    use this permission guide
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  3. If that helps put the winner tag on it :D
  4. ok, so I do it in essentials?
  5. I put this in group manager w/ the essentials perms and it didnt work... where do I put them
  6. no you put the permissions in say Groupmanager
  7. Gaxan


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  8. where... can u send me a pic?
  9. You must install a permissions plugin to add permissions to users. I suggest PermissionsEx. PM me if you would like me to walk you through it.
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  10. Im actually retarded - thx
  11. how do I use it?
  12. Its not letting me use the actual permissions. For ex... this happens when I try to do something.
  13. first time must be done from console
  14. Please be patient.

    Run the command /pex user (user) add * in your console. This will allow you to use pex commands in-game.

    Where (user) is your username.
  15. jup ^
  16. Need help - only the essentials.(whatever) commands are working using pex - not playervaults.size.1 or any other plugin - why is this?
  17. Send me your permissions file.
  18. can u plz explain it for privacy reasons
  19. here

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