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  1. Hello friends I am owner of a full pvp server, however my nocheatplus is leaving work a few hacks like forcefield, aimbot etc.. I wish someone could pass your nocheatplus 1.5.2 configured, because I am having difficulty setting. Would greatly appreciate it if they could. I wish it were possible to use any hack know it's impossible, but I see other server that is not possible to use the most, but in my most it is possible! and if you have another suggestion of anti-hack thank. Thank you thank you! (sorry for the english, google-tradudor'm from Brazil)
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    Every server has different needs due to latency, normal tps and other things. Tweak it yourself until you feel it is right. Someone else giving you their config can cause it to be less effective or start giving a lot more false positives.
  3. A doubt can use eg anticheat and nocheatplus together? or is it unnecessary?

    and I see you much help here in the forum! I wanted to connect my server with a hub system, equal to shotbow network, I saw the company put assetgatway values ​​are hugely impractical. Do you have any other company that provides this service?
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    I haven't tried it in over two years, so I wouldn't be sure.

    Have a look at the Bungee forums here, that's what I think you are looking for. You'd just need a VPS/Dedicated that you have access to to run it.
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    No, there will just be conflicts and it's not worth it. Stick with NCP and configure it how you want it. They have plenty of documentation.

    You mean Bungee? That can connect servers with a hub system. Read about it here.
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