Please point me in the right direction devs.

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  1. So recently I've been pretty harshly criticized on here about not knowing enough Java before jumping into Bukkit. However, I have read through the Oracle tutorials, and finished the Java class on codecademy, along with reading through numerous other tutorials, and people's code issues/solutions. (Sorry for run-on sentence).

    I was hoping someone could PLEASE point me in the right direction to learn java first before jumping more into bukkit. I prefer something that has me utilize what im learning instead of just spewing information at me. Anything will do though. Thanks in advance!
  2. You should just read through the Oracle tutorials, google (especially when you don't understand something), and practice practice practice. The best way to learn is through failures, and with practice comes a lot of failures :)
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  3. That's the majority of this community, unfortunately - far too elitist, arrogant and self-confident to ever help someone else.

    Either way, once you've understood basic Java syntax, Google is probably the best help you can get. And practice. If you have a question where even Google can't help with, feel free to ask, and at least a few people here may be ready to help.
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  4. By reading the Oracle tutorials you already know more Java than the majority of this community. If you want to improve with Java try to make some simple programs and asking people to see if there's something that you can improve (doesn't necessarily have to be one person, you can also ask it on for example). And as with most stuff, it takes time to become good, so don't expect your first Java program to be the best thing every written or even work correctly the first time. Just keep practicing and you'll become better.
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    The problem that most people fail to distinguish between is knowing java and knowing how to program...

    While, yes; Some people are far too assholish, there comes a point where what you're asking or what you're expecting is for people to basically do the work for you, at which point yes; you should probably go read up instead of expecting people to do it for you, beyond that;

    The oracle guides are more designed for people who already have experience programming and are not really the holy bible of actually learning how to program, just how to use java itself; really boils down to practicing, learning how to actually google, and learning how to look at problems from a logical viewpoint instead of "I want X to do Y". You could know everything about Java, unless you have the experience of how to actually use it to do what you want, you're not really going to go far with just that, and the only real way you can do that is through experience, and regurgitating tutorials isn't really going to help.

    look at a tutorial, just the objective, and the end goal, and come up with a solution, you'll come up with horrible stuff for it, probably not even get there, but in the process, you'll be gaining experience. Good practice should really ideally be adhered to all the time, but unless you have somebody mentoring you, you'll likely pick up bad practices and have to correct them, which is far from ideal, but at least you'll be working on the required skills of learning how to write code instead of regurgitating code and try to hack it for your needs.
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  6. What most people don't understand about computer programming is, its not about the coding or developing at all. Its about solving problems, its about using a logical sequence to solve a problem. Anyone can learn how to use methods in Java, its useless unless you can find a way to use those methods to solve a problem. So my suggestion to you is, before you even jump into code, attempt to solve a problem using Pseudo code (English), then move onto basic things like If & Else statements, then onto iterations like For and While loops. Don't even go near the bukkit API until you are familiar with all of this, you can't read through a tutorial and say I understand Java (Not attacking you here), just saying that you should get a feel of the language and the way it works, rather than learning specific things. It definitely will help you in the long run if you understand
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  7. Problem here is, you don't know whether your logic in the code actually works, until you convert it to something the computer can understand. Otherwise, yeah, programming is about the logic, not the language.

    If you really read the whole Oracle tutorials, you would understand Java to a much greater extent than the majority of developers on this site. You wouldn't need to ask how to get started with Spigot anymore.

    You're here asking for a shortcut, by the looks of it. As toxic as the community may be to new developers, and that's probably because they get this same question every time when it's able to be answered over and over again by Google, they are right in the sense that you should learn the language, and by that point you'll know enough to know how to learn working with an API. That's all Bukkit is.
  8. Logic is boolean algebra, its maths not computer programming, if that isn't understood firstly, computers shouldn't be touched until that is understood
  9. You can't test your logic by writing English. It could read just fine, but your logic might be flawed.
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  10. You aren't understanding me, I'm not speaking of english as in the sense of words, i'm referring to logic using english. As in negations, contrapositives, if and only if, tautologies. I'm referring to actual logic not the english definition of logic