Plenty of ram, plugins/jar upto date, yet 12-18~ TPS?

Discussion in 'Performance Tweaking' started by Prince4DX, May 22, 2016.

  1. Hello,
    So my servers been running fine for over 2 months. Suddenly one morning the servers tps is horrendous. 3 Days ago it was perfect and I didn't touch or edit anything since. I've tried removing plugins removing all mobs etc.. Nothing changes. From what I noticed the servers tps drops by 2~ every time a new player joins but thats about all I've come to notice.

    Restarting doesent help starts at 19 and goes down slowly with 6gb ram free. I've started deleting plugins which didn't change anything either. Console also has no errors, clean start up and shutdown.


    Help much appreciated thanks!
  2. Is your machine running Java 8?
  3. Hey,
    do you run an Virtual Machine (VHost) or an Normal Spigot server?
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  4. Whats going down in ur end? all the actions in there.
  5. FBasics Wilderness command loops through millions of blocks within a certain radius and specific parameters, which can cause TPS drops.
    TCP Tick: 1,764.96% (Task: WildernessTask(interval 1)