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Discussion in 'Resource Discussion' started by vk2gpz, May 5, 2015.

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  1. vk2gpz submitted a new resource:

    PlotAddOn - Very Flexible Plot Add-On framework! You can add extra functions to your Plot server!!

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  2. Is this an API? Library? Can the public use it?
  3. @vk2gpz I think you misspelled "plotz", when you wrote "/server pltoz" in the info.
  4. It is an plugin, which has its own add-on module dynamic loading framework. I will be releasing the API document so that others can build his/her own PlotAddOn's add-on modules. Then you just drop your .jar file in PlotAddOn's gamerules folder and do /pao reload.
  5. lol Thanks for pointing that out!...I cannot spell..or I thought my computer was cleaver enough to tell me I misspelled something ;(
  6. So you're selling an API? Seriously?
  7. Yes and no. No because it is a plugin that can dynamically install modules (free or paid) and to use this dynamic loading framework, you need this plugin.

    However, to develop modules you do not need to purchase the plugin (once I release the API module. )
  8. Well to test it you would.

    I still really don't see the point in selling this. The plugin does almost nothing (Except for /pao removeallallowed and /pao info) on its own.
  9. I does the basic controls, the server owners can resister any commands to be executed only by the plot owner.
  10. Honestly, drop the price to $5.00 USD you made no sales but one and you won't unless it is cheaper my friend...
  11. thanks for the advise. I would not worry about the sale of this plugin, server owners who really want to use it have them ;). Not all purchases are registered through Spigot.
  12. I want it and I would do it for like $5, $6 please lower it or do it %50 off :'(
  13. oh i see.... let me see what I can do...
  14. Could you add a command to generate any biome in your plot? I mean, the "structure" of the biome. I want to use it in Plotz.
    I would buy it then
  15. ah, to generate random terrain for a particular biome with a command? that sounds useful ;) I will think about it.
  16. Exactly! ^^ Thanks
  17. Have you though it yet? xDDDD Sorry to insist :p
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