[PlotCells] Plots for prison servers (NEW)

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  1. Hello Spigot Community,

    These past few days I have been extremely bored and decided to work on a' world generator for prison servers because my knowledge in generation wasn't the best.

    I Feel that using the 'general' plot looking worlds for prison is a real buzzkill, Maybe my creation will suit your needs much better than any old plot plugin.

    Now, I need your help.
    I will show some screenshots and then i'd like you to comment if you think this should be a paid resource(and how much) or a free resource.

    Customise your plot and "road" schematic via worldedit!

    How Editable is this plugin? (My layout) (Green = claimable cell)


    - Added Intersections
    - Automatically find next 'in-line' plot/cell

    Please post a reply of what you think, Open to anything, Criticism/Suggestions/General thoughts.
    Thank you!

    Forgive my horrific thread creating ability, I suck..
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  2. Make it a free resource until it gets popular, no one is going to pay for a resource that has not been used on any other servers :p
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  3. Thank you, I'll keep that in mind!
  4. Or maybe they do because they want to stay original ;)
  5. Would you say releasing 2 versions is the way to go?
    1) Free resource - Limited features
    2) Premium - All features
  6. Maybe you can have a server that players can join that shows off the Premium plugin. (I would be willing to use this plugin on my prison server)
  7. Well my approach to the premium version will allow you to edit / create your own schematics and the free version won't allow this feature.
    What do you think of this idea?

    Of course there will be more premium features once i near completion.
  8. I would say go free, and keep some extra ideas for yourself as an option to make a premium version later on if all goes well.

    Make it seem really cool and really show it off as a free plugin, have a test server and really documentate it. If all goes well it will also boost your rep, my RankVouchers was free for a reason :p I knew it would most likely get biggish and so making it free would be a boost for me to give back to the community.
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  9. So basically do what Chazmondo said :p
    (I would be willing to be the test server mentioned above)
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  10. Seems like a good idea, Thanks for the advice!
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  11. I think this in specific should be a free resource, reason being that most people will find this extremely useful for making prison servers and making it a premium resource would only limit the number of people being able to use this extremely beneficial plugin. I hope you take this into account.
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  12. Not a problem!

    A test server is always good for if you ever wish to make a premium version, shows confidence in you being proud of this too knowing that you let people test before they buy.
  13. Good luck :) Link me to the plugin once it's up! :D
  14. Automatically claiming plots around 0,0 coords done.
    The plugin needs some testers and I can release it!

    How editable this plugin actually is!
    (Green dots = claimable cells/plots)

    Original post updated.
  15. where can I test it?

    EDIT: I would like to see a premium version and a "lite" free version as suggested by another user.
  16. I'll have it on a server soon, Became a little busy but will update this thread when it's ready.