Solved PlotMe blocking ChestShops?

Discussion in 'Spigot Plugin Help' started by AlHollandiyah, May 11, 2016.

  1. I'm probably not the first one running into this issue, but I have an issue where PlotMe is blocking the use of ChestShops with a "You can't build here" error message.

    I have googled and googled and googled, but all I could find were threads where someone said "my shops wont work" and the answer was "it's because of plotme". No solutions.

    I have played on many servers where the 2 worked together fine, so I hope someone can tell me how I can fix this!
  2. Make your players sell with nothing in their hand, it will work.
    But I have no real fix to that sorry.
  3. That works indeed! Thank you very much for your help! It might not be a 100% fix, but the fact that it works now is close enough to me!
  4. No problem! May I join the server :) ?
    PM Me the IP!
  5. Thank you for your interest but I have to disappoint you, sorry! I can't add any new members at this moment, because it's a small private server with a whitelist. Sorry!
  6. Ah, it's okay! No problem, happy to help you buddy!