PlotMe Importing Other Plugins?

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  1. So I finally got the .java files from GitHub and I'm setting up the project. At long last it's perfectly set up, except... there's a lot of errors in the code due to the fact that it's importing classes from other plugins, and since I don't have those other plugins as part of the project it's giving me a bunch of red flags.

    How do I fix this? Do I just use "Add External JARs" and select the plugin jars or what?
  2. Find the jars PlotMe uses as libraries/dependencies, and add them as a library to your project.
  3. Ok, should I just search the package names and hope a github comes up? Also, does it matter which version of the other plugins I use?
  4. You can add the compiled plugin JARs to eclipse directly with the add JARs feature. I would not try to add the source of another plugin to your project.
  5. The answer to this is : it might.

    If you're using the latest version of plotme then check their page and any plugins it requires it should give you a version. As for knowing which plugins it's using check your import section of your code if there's an error it should give you a clue as to what library you need to add.

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  6. Why not just use Maven? (it already has been setup for Maven)
  7. Well you see I'm still a noob at developing and thus have absolutely no idea how to use Maven
  8. Make sure there is a pom.xml file that is valid. Get a maven plugin for your IDE. Refresh project. Do 'mvn clean install package' and then you should get a jar in the target folder
  9. Do you think I need all of the other files here or is bringing in only the pom.xml fine?
  10. So basically I should have imported the entire project rather than just the code itself
  11. There's nothing in that folder. Do I still need it?
  12. You git clone it.