Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. Great for Creative and Surivival Servers!
    Most popular Minecraft plot plugin!
    Made by ZachBora.
    Maintained by MattBDev a.k.a. MBon29


    PlotMe is a multi-world plot management plugin. Each plot world has its own configurations. Each plot is also protected and only the owner can build on it. The roads surrounding the plots are protected from griefing.​

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    #1 MBon29, Dec 2, 2014
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  2. First! :) Amazing plugin this is. :D
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  3. Not your plugin, :mad:
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  4. ZachBora liked this plugin. Pretty sure its ok
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  5. what's the difference between this version and the original 0.13f?
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  6. Did you get direct permission from @ZachBora to post it, though? Not trying to start anything, but..... A "like" is not an approval for a plugin...
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  7. No Difference. This is the same exact version. We are planning on moving from BukkitDev to Spigot because there is a better community here and the direction the Bukkit website is headed does not appeal to us.
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  8. Excellent, welcome to Spigot! Can't wait to see what the future brings for Plotme.
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  9. connor12568


    Please read the entire thread before making accusations
    He says and I quote
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  10. I just added that so people don't keep commenting saying I am stealing someone's work. I'm happy people are paying attention to the notices.
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  11. Actually I only noticed because I was looking into how to set up a plot as a public plot. Like if I wanted to set up a plot as a market place for the players to build their own shops in. I don't see a command line that will toggle between private and public. Do I need an add-on plugin for that or am I derping out and missing something?
  12. The command
    will allow the plot to become public for all players on the server to build on.
  13. Aaaaand this is why I hate asking questions, because when I get the answer I feel mega stupid. lol

    Thank you, that's a lot easier than trying to add every player name one by one which is what I was starting to fear I would have to do.
  14. Hello! I have a question on plot limitations. Say I give a player plotme.limit.2. Later, when the player buys another plot, I give the player plotme.limit.3. Will the limit of 3 override the limit of 2?
  15. just remove the perms. plotme.limit.2 and add plotme.limit.3
  16. No I'm using groups, so when I have:

    Code (Text):
      - plotme.limit.2
    And a player buys a 3rd plot (in have currency), and console runs:

    Code (Text):
    pex user <user> add plotme.limit.3
    Which one will override?
  17. im not too sure but it should override it by the higher number
  18. That's why I'm asking the author.