Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. Lol its 2017 though
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  2. PlotSquard is Super Shit all GS Owners will be not Convertet from PlotMe to PlotSquared!!!
    I don't use PlotSquared i use PlotMe be me i have not problems my Dev change the Version from Craftbukkit: ..... to selve show wot is the Server Spigot version and PlotMe Updatig commplett Automatic :)
  3. PlotSquared looks for players with their UUIDs in world/playerdata, if the uuid dat file does not exist, it will print Unknown. If you did world resets (the main world where playerdata(s) loads) thats normal why it shows Unknown.

    I'd suggest from your past world(s), reuploading those playerdata files but beware it can cause issues (wrong inventory, past inventory backup or corrupted) so i guess better sticking with PlotMe or move to P^2 and keep those unknwon player names :/
  4. Are you quoting a comment from like a year ago? Chill out, I apologized after I found out.
  5. 2017-06-18_21.33.49.png

    What the fuck just happened here?!?
  6. check your bukkit.yml and make sure the generator is set to PlotMe
    also check Multiverse-Core world.yml and check the generator to be PlotMe
    If both are already have PlotMe generator in configs. this only means that you updated to 1.12 and PlotMe plugin has been broken.

    If thats not the case and you're still on 1.11.2, make sure you have the PlotMe-DefaultGenerator.jar plugin besides PlotMe.jar in your plugins folder.
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  7. #2428 ysl3000, Jun 27, 2017
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  8. I don't know if it's been winter 2016 yet. rip plotme
  9. can you please add an armorstand protection
  10. Sorry PlotMe is Not More Supportet for New Server Versions
    you can use Worldguard for this protection

    and my edition it's Running of my Server xD
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  11. PlotMe isn't in development anymore. They recommend you use PlotSquared.
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  12. Repair dowloads please...
  13. Legoman99573


    There you go. Im using plotsquared since plotme stopped being developed and recommended us to use PlotSquared.
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  14. DTV


    How to make 2 plots of land to a plot
  15. PlotMe doesn’t support merging Plots this feature is available in PlotSquared though. Since PlotMe is no longer being developed you should migrate to that instead.
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  16. Can you have this enabled in one certain world? I'm using multiverse core and I want this enabled in the Creative world. Is it possible?
  17. Yes, if you're creating a brand new world with Multiverse. See the instructions at http://plotme.worldcretornica.com/how-to-use