Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. Legoman99573


    0.17.1 was never released, but 0.17 was. Would recommend if you are running a 1.8 server as its gonna be completely broken once 1.13 comes out.

    Recommend PlotSquared since PlotMe hasnt been maintained for over a year.
  2. Using the plugin plotsquared the items that the players drop in the streets of the plot disappear, I tried in all the comments a way to solve, but everyone who uses the plugin has this same problem.
  3. I'm using PlotMe 0.16.3 with CraftBukkit 1.8.8
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  4. Help!
    When I put /mv create plotworld normal -g it gives me an error "Invalid generator! "PlotMe". Aborting world creation, help me!
  5. The command is: /mv create {NAME} normal -g PlotMe-DefaultGenerator
    You also need PlotMe-DefaultGenerator.jar in your plugins folder
  6. When I get PlotMe's API,there is an Error. A player can build in this plot,but ( plot.isAllowed(p.getUniqueId() ) is wrong.Please give me some advice,thanks!
  7. How to check if the player already owns a plot?

    I've done everything and I could not. The API is very bad ...
  8. Who can help all Players cant drop items on the street
  9. this Plugin is for ever done here this thing is never more update please USE: PlotSquared !
  10. Someone here figured out how to fix the mob-damage allow on plotme region?

    And, before you say, i will not use plotsquared, even if the plugin is not updated, is hundred times better than plotsquared, huge server still using it, so, please, just dont ask
  11. You can use WorldGuard for this. this you can do /rg flag __global__ mobdamage allow
    and finish :)

    and everybody here i have a PlotMe to PlotSquared database Converter them a puple want this to convert the old plotme gs data of the users on your server to convert plotme to plotsquared you can PM me and i give you a Download link for this tool!!!
  12. Can this plot land on any seed without being flat, and also not put in the dividers, I need something that can autosave a small plot as I move. I am trying to protect a rail system, will this plugin work for that?
  13. this plugin it is very old and have to many bugs and for your system what you will make with the rail system it is better for you use PlotSqared this is simple to use and here can you use other wolds for this normalyMinecraft generated wolds and Flats
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  14. Hey i was wondering if there was a way to set a plot limit to unlimited by default for everyone. Since i am trying to run a server without a perm plugin and i got it so far except for the issue with the plots.
  15. how can i remove the previous plot world
  16. I hope this plugin will be reborn someday... ...take your time for a cup of :coffee:
  17. I-S


    It did as PlotSquared, which is around for more than 5 years.
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  18. Hello,
    I've got PlotMe and I've got a scoreboard. I would set scoreboard's stats to PlotMe's stats (ex: Plot owner)
    I think it's PlaceHolderAPI but I don't find any answer.
    My scoreboard is InfiniteScoreboard.

    Someone can help me please ?

  19. I-S