Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. well you can do some testing of the perms
  2. Just shh
  3. Thinking of adding any new features? cause it's getting pretty outdated compare to new plot plugins.
  4. I'm wondering what permissions override. If player is in group A:
    Code (Text):
        - plotme.limit.2
    And the player buys a 3rd plot (in game currency), and console runs:
    Code (Text):
    pex user <user> add plotme.limit.3
    Which One will override?
  5. User permissions will get preference. so it should work fine.
  6. Yes they are. You can find a list of some on the old bukkitdev page. Some include:
    • Ability to name plots
    • Changed Plot Sign formatting
    • Major Code and Performance improvements
    • New Commands
      • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed WorldEdit Support
    • Fixed World Biome Generation
    • Fixed World Generation Issues
      • Removals
    • "allowToDeny" config toggle
    • Command "/plotme id"
    • Comments
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  7. Thanks.
  8. New features are in the works. Other plugins (e.g. PlotSquared) are based off of PlotMe code and still use a lot of the same functions. A release is planned for December and we will be opening up a proper API for developers.
    @MrEminent42 If the user is marked under the permissions for plot.limit.2 and plot.limit.3 then it will give the user 3 plots instead of 2. The larger number is always given to the player.
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  9. Update the plugin for Spigot 1.8 please
  10. Cure the world of poverty, please.

    First off, the current build works "mostly" fine with spigot 1.8.
    Secondly, do you honestly think he's missed the release of spigot 1.8, and is not intending any updates?

    Appreciate the work developers on these forums do for free. Don't expect them to do it, just thank them.
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  11. Fantastic resource, can't wait till the 1.8 /world edit version. Would be nice if it had a 'rollback' for plot reset's. Unfortunately on resetting my 20th abandoned plot, sometimes I'm a bit quick, resetting it rather than seeing who owns and from when. Or alternatively a chat pop up to show who's plot your entering and last time they visited :D
  12. I like this idea, would be nice to be able to correct an "oops" quickly and quietly without any drama. Not sure how easy that would be to code though.
  13. I'll make an add-on for a chat pop-up when the next version is released. Sadly a rollback feature is a bit too complicated at the moment.
  14. Good things come to those who wait.
  15. Thanks!
  16. the limit of 3 will override the limit of 2
  17. We already established this. LOL.
  18. Mostly fine is not good enough. It shouldn't break at all. In order for it to not break at all, users expect backwards compatibility so they don't have to do any manual setup. That is a big struggle I am facing while working on the next version. I sadly might have to break backwards compatibility which is not something I am happy about.
  19. PlotMe v0.15 Status Update
    I started working on v0.15 in August when I contacted ZachBora and volunteered to help him with development. I saw a lot of users that found issues setting it up or various other things and getting help wasn't easy. Performance was a big area that needed improvement and I saw that when entering the project. The Plugin has been split up into 3 core parts. This does not mean you need 3, jars though. You will need two jars to run PlotMe, the first is just the traditional PlotMe.jar and the second is PlotMe-DefaultGenerator.jar . This adds better performance and also allows for many new types of plotworld generators in the future(*cough*schematic generator*cough*). I have spent long nights on this next version.....
    I have selected certain users to try out the next version of PlotMe. At the moment I am very busy in my academic career in college and it is hard for me to build a version of the plugin for these users to test. I hate giving ETA's but since so many people want one, I am doing my best to have a release before December 20th.

    • Removed Plot Comments
      • The main reason for this is because I received many requests from server owners to add a filter or something similar to avoid flaming or swearing. This is too complex for the tiny feature this is so my solution was to remove it all together. It will still exist in the database for people to access.
    • Added Plot Likes
      • You can now give a plot a "like" similarly to how you can like a post on Facebook or like a video on YouTube.
      • Use the command /plotme like or click the Plot Sign to give or remove a like.
    • Fixed many World Generation issues.
    • Fixed WorldEdit Support
    • Removed Command /plotme id
    • Removed "allowToDeny" from config
      • This config has been removed because you can disable this function by not giving users these permissions instead.
    • Changed Plot Sign format.
      • Only new plots will receive this change. Plots that change their name will also receive the change.
    • Performance boost.
    • Various other changes, more to come!
    Thank you for your continued support for PlotMe. I am happy that so many people enjoy the plugin. I will be continuing to chatting and helping users in this forum.
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  20. I hope you will also make sponge version as well, seeing as their API is out now.