Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. Do they have a release yet? Last I checked, the api was still extremely unfinished.
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  2. Totally understand. The 1.8 version brought a lot of changes to the vanilla game, never mind the changes it's bringing to the modding community. It's probably best to sit tight on Sponge until they have something solid to work with. Yes, I know they have an API out now, but the implementation isn't ready yet and I believe a ton of changes are coming down the road as they continue to setup and get things running.

    For people like me who have nothing better to do with their free time than tinker, this is fine. But if your time is strapped, tinkering just for the sake of tinkering can be a total waste. Never mind how devastating it could be to think you're almost done with your plugin only to find out that there has been a major change in the API you've been building upon and now you have to fix your plugin before it even got out the gate. Something like that would make me bald with severe frustration.
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  3. In the spoiler you are talking about Plot Likes, is there anything else than just the like? What I mean is if there are something like /plot toplikes which displays a list of plots with the most likes..?
    Also, on BukkitDev there is a comment asking for a new feature "/plot report", is this something you are thinking about? Would be a great feature.
  4. When i try to claim plot by /plotme auto

    I get this error, but when i reset a few plots and clear it, I can do /plot auto.
    But after the claiming a few, its give that An internal error has occurred again.




    Thanks for you help
  5. How many plots are in your world? Don't judge me if I'm wrong, but maybe you have over 5000(since PlotAutoLimit is 5000) plots or something? You should probably wait for a reply from a professional, but if I were you I'd try to higher the PlotAutoLimit :p however, make a backup in case something goes wrong.
  6. I have 6000 plots+
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  7. Try setting the config
    PlotAutoLimit: 10000
    and see if it works now
  8. Tried it don't work either. Guess I ll resort to /plotme claim now.
  9. I am thinking about it but it will not be in the next release. I am thinking about having a rapid release cycle to get features like this out to the public as soon as they are made.
  10. @ZombieRevolver WOW. 6,000 plots is an impressive number. Congrats.
    As for the bug you are experiencing, I recommend updating to the newest plotme release and seeing if it works on there. I can't provide support for that version anymore since we are super close to the release of v0.15.

  11. I tried using the latest version and it doesn't help either, in fact it doesnt even work on the latest version.
  12. If you come on the IRC Chat (link on the plugin page) within the next hour, I would love to help you there.
  13. Fantastic plugin, but could you add a option to disable /plot clear as it is laggy as it isn't async or make it lag-free.
  14. I am doing my best to optimize it :)
    You should be able to disable it with the permissions "plotme.use.clear" and "plotme.use.reset".
  15. I've been doing that for now, but with so many ranks its annoying to update them all the time.
    Also for some reason plotme doesn't like the aliases I have setup to override VoxelSniper's /p command which was causing issues with blocking that command.

    I suggest you hook it into AsyncWorldEdit :)

    Thank you, and thanks for this awesome plugin.
  16. I suggest you allow people to enter and ride in minecarts in other peoples' plots. That way people can build public rollercoasters.
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  17. I will consider this. I'll mention you so you can create a ticket(or something, I need a good feedback system) when I prepare for v0.16.
    I'm not sure if people would like the idea of making WorldEdit a Dependency. If people don't mind that WorldEdit is required, then it may just happen.
  18. I think this is the place to report bugs, so I'll report it here - sorry if it isn't! :p

    So I'm running version 0.13f and I'm having a few issues with the new WorldEdit (http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/worldedit/files/60-world-edit-6-0/).

    It looks like a few of the WorldEdit methods you use are depreciated, and are causing all sorts of console errors when using things related to them. In particular things relating to masks. After decompiling PlotMe just to check, I think the issue is in PlotWorldEdit.class. Both LocalWorld and RegionMask seem to be depreciated, so produce errors each time something that hooks into them is used. Although everything still seems to be working, it just produces errors when these methods are called.

    Hope this helps. :)