Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. @Lynx76x Congratulations! You are the 211th person to report this to me! YAY!!! It's not like I have acknowledged that worldedit support for WorldEdit 6 has been broken, nor have I posted information regarding the next release stating that WorldEdit support will be fixed.
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  2. The version of PlotMe you are using is not compitable with Spigot 1.8 :p it will be fixed in the next release of PlotMe I believe :)
  3. @MBon29
    Hey, Can you make a plotme.admin permissions section, like you have now with plotme.use? I would really like to see what it included with it. Thanks!
  4. Still wondering where we should submit tickets now.

    Speaking of tickets: PlotMe should output "[PlotMe] " at the beginning of all its log messages. It currently outputs a bunch of messages and it's not obvious they're coming from PlotMe.
  5. I think if @MBon29 has time, he should integrate this, but have it be custom, changeable in the in the messages file or something.
  6. Same here MBon29. I will gladly test further for you since i have private server.
  7. @MrEminent42 @Bobcat00 Already added that. Not having the plugin name at the beginning bugged me a ton. It was one of the first things I fixed.
  8. @MBon29 Custom prefix and messages?
    And if you could include a section of what's included in plotme.admin? Thanks!
  9. Well, WorldEdit is on (I assume) most servers with plotme.

    I mean have a option where you can use AsyncWorldEdit to clear it lag free or plotme's laggy version.
  10. The Prefix for console messages and messages shown to the player in game will always be PlotMe. It is easier in many ways. I am not changing my mind on that.
  11. Ok, What about the plotme.admin perms?
  12. I am on the IRC channel for the next hour if someone wants to chat with me.
  13. @MBon29 it's good to see plotme moving to a better home :)
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  14. Just added them
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  15. Thanks
  16. Check out this awesome PlotMe add-on I found while browsing the spigot resources. It is called PlotCheck and it looks very cool!
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  17. Bumping these feature suggestions :)
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  18. If you are bumping this just because of Plot linking then get in line behind the 5,000+ other server owners who want the same thing. It is a complicated thing and I am one guy.
    The changing of roads is a bit complicated. Many people want different things in regards to roads. I do like your idea though.
    Expanding plotsize without having to create a new world is a bit complicated. I have thought of this but it would most likely come out at the same time as plot linking.
  19. If you need any help developing, I have a bit more than basic knowledge about java.. :) lol
  20. The permission with the highest plot limit will override, so yes if you you do /pex user notch add plotme.limit.3 it will override Notch's current permissions if he is in group A.