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  1. yes

  2. I experienced that too and disabled progressive clear. I'm guessing it's being fixed in 0.17 (which we can't wait for :) )
  3. My log snippet took up less than a page, so sorry you had to roll the mouse wheel an extra time.
  4. Hi,
    When I do /p expired it lists some expired plots , supposedly in the order they expire , when I then do /p resetexpired it resets plots but doesn't seem to be the oldest , as in the ones shown in previous commands are still preset which I can tell by /p tp x;y what format does `resetexpired` reset , I was wanting to check behind it to ensure it is working correctly , I have about 8000 expired plots out of 40,000 on server and wanted to be sure :)
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  5. The reset expired command I know resets 50 expired plots. I forget if it is supposed to reset the oldest expired plot or the 50 most recent. I plan on fixing resetexpired a bit for 0.17
    The missing caption issue can be fixed by just adding the caption to the file. What you think is the right way to add the caption is probably correct.
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  6. I don't think it even does that , I just wanted to be 100% sure but I will just have to go fro it and hope :p I checked the end list and front list , I couldn't work out how it was using the time , I downloaded the database and read and for instance one read expiretime of 137302346755 and other end read 15 something but plots being deleted and time of around 14 something so it looked random , it definitely expires just the expired plots and not accidentally anything current , its my only real concern.
    Weirdly as well my limit in config for max plots is 15,000 and yet I have 40,000 , never really noticed it before , I dont know if it actually stops tehm or is it workld size based ?
  7. The issue is it takes up the forum and looking for resolutions when players have issues is a nightmare! I've glanced through a couple of pages and found a fix for my error, if it's full of log errors, then your looking at trying to get through several (or seventy!) or more just to find a post that's related. It's much easier to scan several replies per page, rather than several pages per reply. It is an accepted custom on any support forum.
  8. I am making adjustments to the generator at the moment to remove redundant code and "fix" the world generator throwing a NPE if you don't setup the config properly.
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  9. Important Bug Report:

    Not sure if you are aware of this, but I've never seen anything like this. Any info is appreciated.
  10. At the moment I am struggling on handling the Database migration. I need to make it "idiot proof". This is causing a delay in development at the moment.
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  11. I can't reproduce this. It also isn't a plotme bug if a bed is replacing blocks. That isn't normal behavior.
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  12. I agree with the bed on the plot edge bug , I couldn't do it either on mine and tested it on couple others , is this a possible existing or previous staff member with the perms to buildanywhere which plotme has ?
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  14. He has never been staff member. Try placing the bed on the top face of long grass.
  15. Can you send me timings when you don't have worldedit installed on the server? It will help me a bit better
  16. Isn't WorldEdit a required plugin?
  17. It is not. It never has been
  18. ''PlotMe requires the use of WorldEdit 6.'' Isn't this outdated information then?

    But thanks for your fast reply, will try it!