Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. http://hastebin.com/yulazelobe.avrasm
    First time I've gotten this bug.. I just updated to the latest version of Vault (1.5.0).. you've probably seen it before, but just informing you.
  2. If you are ever in the IRC chat. Let me know. Also check out github.com/WorldCretornica/PlotMe-Core I am currently working on the refractoring branch. That is version 0.15
  3. I'll let @ZachBora know about this. He knows how to handle all the SQL Stuff. I have no idea how to do it since MySQL and SQLLite are being used in the same class.
  4. WFS


    Just wanted to say thank you for working on this to update it, we run a bungeecord server for children with autistic conditions, and are currently updating 14 servers to 1.8 and testing everything, our members love this plugin, and we cant wait to get to grips with it, with all the new 1.8 blocks.

    If we could ask for anything extra though we would like to be able to use a schematic to create the plotworld, any chance of that happening?

    Thanks SafeCraft
  5. Look no further! Matt allready spoiled this earlier :) It wont be in the next version, but it will come!

  6. Didn't even know PlotMe was open sourced. I've reviewed some of the code, looks complicated. I'm not an expert at Java, I've only know a bit further than the basics.. which isn't much. But I know a lot about PlotMe, and could (as I'm allready doing..) help answering these people's problems to make you able to work more on PlotMe instead of answer the same question to the same people :) Lets talk more at private messages? My timezone is GMT+1, so I probably won't be on the IRC at the same time as you are.
  7. The way I picture schematics working:
    • Players still use PlotMe-Default Generator or a custom version of it.
    • Players install an addon or custon version of Default Generator.
    • Default Generator runs normally.
    • Addon or custom generator
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  8. @Max633
    Have you walked in the areas that are not generated? Minecraft only generates the areas that players have been in.
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  9. Yes... How to fix the problems?
  10. Setup plotme the correct way and you shouldn't have this problem
  11. I have a problem, I can not do that you can buy the plot was for money,

    I use these versions
    Vault 1.5.0
    PlotMe v0.13f

    WorldEdit 5.6.2
    Spigot 1491 1.7.9 R0.3-SNAPSHOT
  12. Would you be able to add an option to have all unclaimed plots have no border, just flat and even with the road and grass? That way, when the plot is claimed the border is placed?
  13. Okay.
    You cannot do what? You cannot have a problem? You never told me what "that" was.
    Yes, you can buy plots that are auctioned or for sale when global economy is enabled and the economy in your plotworld is enabled.
    How else would you buy a plot using this plugin?

    The english you are using is very bad. If you are using a translator I suggest trying a different one. Otherwise, I can't help you.
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  14. Maybe.
  15. It shouldn't have anything to do with Vault. It is an error converting UUID to bytes. I am not sure why it would be caused but I will check PlotMe-Core code to make sure it won't come up.
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  16. I think he is saying that he can't but the plot with economy. IDK tho
  17. When will this plugin be fully compatible with WorldEdit?
    I'm constantly getting errors saying [22:12:10 ERROR]: Could not pass event PlayerMoveEvent to PlotMe v0.13f then it says some stuff about worldedit.