Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. I'll submit a Pull-Request for that plugin to update compatibility for PlotMe. It is up to the owner of that plugin to accept my code and release an updated version of the plugin.
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  2. Do a lot of you guys use the MySQL feature of PlotMe?
    I am considering removing SQLite support because it hurts performance and compatibility between MySQL and SQLite.
    I know that when Prism 2.x came out they removed SQLite support. They cited the following reason:
    Imagine how it might improve PlotMe. It would allow me to improve performance a lot, add new features easier, and developers will benefit with an "API" that is less likely to change without notice.
    Let me know what you think because it may because this decision will affect the release date of 0.17 and future versions of PlotMe.
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  3. Yeah I use the MySQL feature.
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  4. Of couse I will use MySQL with PlotMe. there is no way I Would go with Sqlite or Flat file storage.
    I use SQL with all of my plugins such as: Pex, Dynmap, BanManager, Core Protect, HawkEye, Fe Conomy, GriefPrevention. and more...
    Honestly switching from flatfile/sqlite to SQL made it much easier to backup and move/copy files and it takes less time. I also can backup SQL Databases separately. I can backup entire server within less than 1 minute and back them up to external Server if I want to.

    Now with this method I can get hourly backup without any issues. but before I had too much problem backing up the entire server files.

    The speed of loading the server is almost 2x or 3x times faster when I use SQL specially for plugins that have heavy database such as Dynmap or Core Protect. and performance is much higher.

    Glad that PlotMe store them in SQL not making thousands of .yml files like Essentials or GriefPrevntion and some other plugins does. SQL option would defiantly be the only best option.

    Unfortunately. very unfortunately some plugins does not support SQL such as Essentials witch totally sucks! It stores thousands files for players in Flat file and now its a pain to backup or modify the files. now I have more than 100,000 user data in essentials folder on each server! and I have about 7 servers you do the math it's about 700,000 playerdata.yml files stored on server files which totally sucks.
    If I want to lets say set everyone's balance to 0. if there was SQL database I could do it in 1 second in phpmyadmin. but Essentials?!!! IMPOSSIBLE!! modify 700,000 .yml files?!!! NO WAY!

    SQL is the best alternative for ever web or server. without it, it will be impossible to manage.
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  5. cindy_k

    IRC Staff Wiki Team Patron

    My thoughts are two part.
    1. SQLLite is great if the server owner is new or not skilled in what they are doing. Usually they don't have a large number of plots needed
    2. MySql is better performance, and I switched to it a while ago.
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  6. I have less than 100 plots. Any performance improvement with MySQL would be negligible.

    Don't extrapolate from block loggers like Prism (vast majority of transactions are data writes and queries have to inspect millions of records based on various parameters) to PlotMe which simply needs to keep a list of plots.

    Setting up a MySQL server is non-trivial. Forcing people to use MySQL will cause people who host their own servers at home to drop PlotMe.
  7. Small servers might have trouble figuring out how to use SQL, But for average and large servers, using SQL has a lot of advantages than flat file/sqlite data storage.

    For example, I can manage plots easier with SQL database rather than teleporting to each plot to check the plot owner and expiry date etc.
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  8. Although I understand your argument I would like to say that PlotMe is not only keeping a list of plots. PlotMe also has a separate table to manage Helpers, Denied Players, Metadata (Only Developers use this), and something else that I put in 0.17 that I forget.....
    I just wanted to clarify what plotme is keeping track of and loading.
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  9. We've been using plotme now for almost 2 years and have ~3000 sold plots, we never used mysql (for plotme) und it never was a problem.
    btw I'm missing the announcement of sold plots during server-startup. To use Mysql wouldn't be a problem for us as long as the sqlite database can be imported.
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  10. your database will be imported!
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  11. Hi,

    I have a problem by using the PlotMe with Multiverse.
    I've configured the bukkit.yml according to the wiki.

    Here is the pastebin of the error
  12. There are two configuration files that you need to modify if you are not using the default worldname "plotworld". You received this error because you did not setup your configs properly.
  13. I have made the decision to continue SQLite support and I will modify the OP later today.
    With this decision in place, the current timeframe for 0.17 is Late March to MidApril.
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  14. Alright I'll look into that. Thank You
  15. If you still need help figuring it out, let me know and I'll explain in detail how the configs should look.
  16. Thank You. I understand now. It seems I have to type the exact name of the world that is inserted in the bukkit.yml.
  17. yea, MultiVerse is very specific about world names! it differentiates uppercase from lowercase too.
  18. Hi,
    I have updated from v0.13f today to the latest 0.16.3 , and changed plotme-DefaultGenerator etc and all looks good , I can see the layout is slightly diff when doing /p I etc , I can run command /p expired and have quite a few expired plots , but typing /p resetexpired world world being name of my plotworld , it does nothing , no errors in console or anything either just simply doesn't recognize it , is it me missed something when updating or something else ?

    hmm weirdly I went on github and see someone with similar issue , I see it now works from console only where it used to work ingame , is that how it will remain now ? its fine anyays as works perfectly from console and deleted them in the correct order now where it didn't before so /p expired and then it deletes in the order seen there so from oldest which is much nicer :)

    can I ask how this option works ..
    UseProgressiveClear: false
    Do you still have to do p expired or it does itself now and then or just deletes tehm slowly or is it only when u do /p reset on the plot it affects it ?
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  19. Reset expired is a console only command and I have heard a few reports that it might be broken but I am not sure. It will remain as a console command because it removes a bit of lag from the server. Not much of a performance improvement but it helped a bit.
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  20. A new feature in 0.17 will be the ability to name your plot and name your plot home. You can do /plot home <homename>. It will check your home name's to find your plot and the only numbering system will still be in place for use. You will be able to teleport to another persons plot using their plotname only as homenames are unique to the plot owner and for the plot owners only.
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