Spigot PlotMe [OFFICIAL] 0.16.3

The most popular multi-world plot management plugin.

  1. You will also be able to set where in the plot you will be teleported to when you use /plot home . Anyone other than the plot owner will be teleported on the road as usual due to obvious safety issues
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  2. What is the enhancement in mind? How should it look and feel?
    The player should be able to merge plots by command /plot merge
    to use this command just simply stand on road between two plots.
    Please provide any additional information below.
    2 Merged plots are treated like 2 plots
    so players can not merge unlimited amount of plots
    Only owned plots can be merged.
  3. You have suggested the most suggested suggestion. Did I really write that last sentence?
    #1283 MBon29, Mar 16, 2015
    Last edited: Mar 16, 2015
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  4. When I updated PlotMe to the most recently updated one, it screwed up the plots of players who have uppercase lettering in their name. So a plot with an owner of SuperiorShadow is not the owner of a plot that is superiorshadow.
    How would I go along fixing this? If there is a way..
  5. The only way that would happen would be if you were using offline mode.
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  6. 0.17 will include a brand new set of commands to modify configuration settings without even needing to open the config file. Generator settings will be limited so accidental corruption of the world doesnt happen.
    This will make it a lot easier to setup and manage your plotworld.
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  7. Yes. My server is running on Bungee and has to be in offline mode.
  8. If it is on bungee then you may not have configured it properly to authenticate with mojang servers. That means all your id's are offline id's and were not generated right.
  9. Is there any way to fix this?
  10. You would need to clear all the playerid values from the database using SQL. I rather not go into detail on this as another person may see what i am telling you to do and completely mess up their setup
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  11. Honestly this plugin is good, but whoever made the incredibly stupid decision to capitalize PlotMe in the permission nodes and then put all lowercase on the site's permission list is really dumb.
  12. I use lower case in all the plotme permission nodes and it works just fine.
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  13. capitalization should not matter as CraftBukkit/Bukkit converts permission nodes to lowercase while using the "hasPermission()" function.
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  14. In 0.17 the permission node plotme.use.undeny and plotme.admin.undeny will be removed as the deny and undeny commands will be merged into one command. I will make sure to make this announcement again during release.
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  15. Sorry for the noob question.

    Has this plugin an auto inventory separation tool between survival worlds and the plots worlds or it needs a multi inventory plugin?
  16. PlotMe does not manage that kind of stuff. You would need another plugin for that. I don't have plans to add this because the plugin isn't really an inventory management plugin. Your question was good, it was not a noob question.
  17. It would be great to add this option instead of using another plugin for that. Please think about it.
  18. I think the rewrite/development of plotme itself is the major priority. That's a task and half in itself,even for a full time 'paid' developer!
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  19. if there is enough demand for it, i will add it.
  20. I would suggest not adding it. There are too many plugins suffering from feature creep.
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