*PLOTME* (Sizes)

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  1. I have looked up a few tutorials and it seems i cant find what im looking for, so I decided to come to you.
    Ok, I need plots bigger and i cant find plot size in my plotme config!
  2. Plotme has choosen it's perimeter and sadly changing plomte plot sizes is not changeable easily.
    You could contact the Developer and tell him to add this option in a update,
    I agree about this but the only way to do this is to decompile source code which you don't have legal permission in
  3. Its easy, look here:

    Code (Text):

    RoadMainBlock: '5'
    ProtectedWallBlock: '44:4'
    PlotFloorBlock: '2'
    GroundHeight: 64
    UnclaimedBorder: '44:7'
    ForSaleWallBlock: '44:1'
    PlotSize: 32  <------------------------------------ Plot Size
    ZTranslation: 0
    RoadAltBlock: '5:2'
    WallBlock: '44'
    FillBlock: '3'
    PathWidth: 7
    XTranslation: 0
    AuctionWallBlock: '44:1'
  4. You probably don't know the new site?. I don't have Plotme on my server right now, but I used to. So I have a slight idea of how to use the updated version.
  5. NO where in mine i see PlotSize
  6. ok So i found what i was doing wrong it seems there is not one but TWO config.yml folders for me and they are located in 2 different places, Thanks very much!!
  7. Ohh, ok, you posted Plotme, so, I thought you were referring to that. Congrats on solving it.