Spigot PlotSquared v4: v6 out now! 4.4.495

The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.

  1. PlotSquared is a World Generator and Plot Management system. It comes with a lot of powerful features and focuses on versatility, scalability and efficiency.

    Have a bug to report? Head over to our issue tracker on GitHub so we can make sure we get around to fixing it.

    If you are asking a question, we'd appreciate it if you would take a quick look at the documentation first to see if it answers your question.

    - Citymonstret, Empire92



    Does this support minecraft version <some version>?
    - Most likely yes. PlotSquared supports Bukkit 1.5 -> 1.8
    Why does the plugin not work?
    Common answer: Setup MySQL correctly, or enable SQLite in the "settings.yml"
    Else: No idea, please post your server startup log (or at least a screenshot) otherwise we can't help

    How do I create a plotworld?
    Common answer: If you have MultiVerse use /mv create plotworld normal -g PlotSquared
    Else: Use the setup command, or read the installation guide.

    Does PlotSquared support offline mode servers?
    When is feature <X> being added/when is the next update coming?
    - This is not a business, we do this in our free time, we do not have deadlines.

    Want to get involved? We'd love to have more people involved in the project:

    - Documenting / maintaining the website
    - Responding to tickets/questions
    - Testing the plugin before each release
    - Working on addons
    - Contributing to the main plugin
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    Last edited: Mar 28, 2016
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  2. JamesJ


    This plugi already exists on SpigotMC...
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  3. It got deleted before I believe(I think it was because they were using classes from PlotMe which they hadnt edited at all, might be wrong, just going off memory)
    EDIT: If your confusing this with PlotZ that is still here.
  4. JamesJ


  5. It used to be on spigot. It was removed as 2 classes (WorldEdit and PlotGenerator) contained modified code from the GNU licenced PlotMe. All aforementioned classes have been entirely recoded. Hopefully we can get off to a better start than last time. :)
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  6. Looks better then plotz and this is $15 cheaper
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  7. Yep, we've made sure to delete any code that was taken from plotme (my fault, I didn't read the licensing fully..)
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  8. I know this will probably not happen but what If we want to move back to plotme?
  9. If you want to move back to PlotMe, you can use this plugin's API and write a simple script to convert it back, or get someone else to spend 5 minutes to do it for you.

    Why would you want to move back to PlotMe though? If there is some important feature PlotSquared is lacking, why not suggest it and we'll add it to the plugin.
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  10. The web server is nearly finished, we're using simpleframework together with a custom templating system and bukkit connector, hooray.

    Any suggestions for the web panel? It will have:

    Installation Panel -> Configure and Install PlotSquared from your browser, instead of editing the yml files.
    Plot Download -> Download your plot as either a world save or a schematic.
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  11. How do you generate a PlotsSquared world?
  12. We're adding MongoDB support, we are not planning to any other storage options as of now, but if you have a nice idea then we might implement it.

    Set the world generator to PlotSquared (in bukkit.yml) and configure the "settings.yml" file (in /plugins/PlotSquared)
  13. When @Citymonstret started creating this, he made it with big servers in mind.

    It's not efficient enough for a big network to run on flatfiles. This is made as a more efficient alternative than plotme, so we don't want to bring down the efficiency of the plugin by using a less efficient storage alternative.
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  14. Could you make the configuration more clear?
    I'm having a hard time making it generate a world with colored clay blocks.
  15. WOOP WOOP. Glad to see you back and without the PlotMe code :p Hopefully you can stick around this time :D
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  16. In the latest release (coming soon) we've switched to YML, and we've also added support for multiple plotworld.
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  17. Download seems to be down, just a php file shows up.
  18. Damnit... X-x it will be fixed tomorrow.

    Doesn't really matter as the current release is unstable, and the new one most likely be incompatible with old releases :s