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  1. I'm currently running Plotme 0.16.3. I want to switch over to PlotSquared, is there any ways to import the plot-world and savings to PlotSquared? If so, how?
  2. As I give permission to the players to use World Edit in their plot.
  3. How do I create templates myself?!?!?!
  4. How do i reset a world?
  5. Delete the world. If using Multiverse-Core then do /mv delete <world>
  6. @I-S Not sure where else to ask this question, but if you have * or plot.* permissions, you aren't allowed to interact with pressure plates unless you are trusted on the plot.

    Maybe add a permission to bypass "is player trusted on plot" checks?
  7. So I want to be able to block specific flags on a server, or even the flags command in general. Is there a way to do this? I have a creative server where it doesnt matter, but I dont want people setting their plots to creative on my survival plot world.
  8. Look for permissions, if you are using plot.permpack.flags(or similar, not at home to check atm), remove it. That removes all flags that they have access too.
  9. player with only the plots.use permission can place boats and minecarts on public roads. Is it a bug?
  10. The plugin failed to load. Check your startup log for earlier errors. e.g. Database misconfigured. If you want to create a ticket with your startup log, we can also take a look:

    That's not normal behavior. Please create a ticket with more information so we can help:

    The perm is `plots.admin` or `plots.*` for all PlotSquared perms.

    It's automatic:

    Current version will work on 1.9.4 already. PlotSquared 3.4.0 however will be released shortly.
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  11. I am using craftbukkit 1.8.8 and the latest version of PlotSquared, i have issues, disposing, claiming plots, merging them, adding players and road schematics, overall bugs at every turn, players can claim plots, but when they dispose them the plot reads as still claimed, it says it clears it, the only thing that seems stable for me is claiming one plot, and sometimes that will still bug occasionally, is there a stable version for 1.8.8? ive tried several versions and always seem to have these bugs, i use Multiverse and can create the world just fine, but apparently when plots are claimed the border turns from stone to sandstone, mine always stays stone, and the signs will appear when claimed but when disposed will just become blank, ive always had errors with plots, any suggestions?
  12. That wont work. We use a network wide permissions system. I want them to have the flags on our creative server but not our survival server, both servers share the same permission set. Might have to just go in and remove the commands myself for the survival version.
  13. Planting trees seems not work on latest version and 1.9.2
    In some locations it work and in other it doesnt..
  14. I use last version of PlotSquared and Spigot 1.9.2 and it works perfectly.
  15. Maybe its another bug. but there is a place on a plot of a player where he and i can not grow trees.
  16. There is a bug regarding merged plots and growing things. It is fixed in the upcoming version.
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  17. Hi, I'm FlyerDavid, moderator of http://www.zenserv.fr/
    I've found a issue about PlotWebPhp. In deed, in file "lib/h2o/h2o.php" there're a litle errors, i explain this so if "upload_tmp_dir" is defined in the file "php.ini" the config "cache_dir" on any case will be find "/tmp"
    So i added a line in function getOptions in class H2o : " 'cache_dir' => (ini_get('upload_tmp_dir') != NULL) ? ini_get('upload_tmp_dir') : '/tmp',"
  18. I am having difficulties with trying to update from 3.2.18 to 3.3.3 everything is still there but cant do plot h anymore as it does not see me as the owner or anyone else for that matter.
    Plus mobs are spawning everywhere even so I did disable it in mutliverse as well as world guard for that region.

    I am trying to update the server to 1.9.2 or 1.9.4 from 1.8.7
    My Server log
  19. Seems like you have a lot more to worry about than PlotSquared; like half your plugins broke in the transition to 1.9. Update those first, then try to see if it's actually PlotSquared that's broken.