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  2. Players cannot use fire on the plots, so they cannot light a candle, for example.
    In the configuration, I do not see the option to change this anywhere.
  3. Another strange thing, they place 38 armor stands, and then place number 39 .. and get the msg "you can only place 20, " and it wont place more.

    i can't find any permission or flag to be honest , or a setting, that handles this.
    i tried verbose record and paste, but that didn't give me any permissions either, nothing on console that disclosed where i could look.

    any help for this would be appreciated. i went through the wiki, but only saw a flag for other:misc, armor-stand .. but nothing about additional values or if that's just a toggle for permission to place, or break, etc.
  4. Hello Teams!
    quick question regarding paid version PlotSquared:
    I bought the plugin - installed a paper server 1.16.5 - added the .jar to the plugin folder - it does not create additional folders and with worldedit does not recognize /plot-commands ,,, what is potentially wrong?
    Your website says it supports Paper servers...

    Please help or advise


    LtComZach :)
  5. IntellectualSites


    IntellectualSites updated PlotSquared v6 with a new update entry:


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  6. IntellectualSites


    IntellectualSites updated PlotSquared v6 with a new update entry:


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  7. Hello.
    How can I block a command that has two names e.g. /warp mall by flags ? /p flag set blocked-cmds ???? P flag set blocked-cmds warp mall does not work
  8. Does anybody know why it complaints about this?

    Code (Text):

    [PlotSquared/Config] Invalid config field: chat.remove-user-defined-click-events for chat.
    java.lang.NoSuchFieldException: REMOVE_USER_DEFINED_CLICK_EVENTS
    The settings yml file has this:
    Code (Text):

    Which looks a lot like it.

    It isn't the same, so why complain about it, or did it remove it and rename it? If so, why tell me in the full msg that i can safely remove it ..
  9. This looks a lot like a new feature in 6.0.7

    PlotSquared v6.0.7

    • Add option to strip user-defined click events in descriptions/farewells/greetings
    Perhaps it is a bug in a still-evolving feature, or needs a placeholder config entry created?
  10. Hello, is it possible to make sure that when a player ignores a player in a global chat, he doesn't even see his messages in plot chat?
  11. How do I translate a plugin?
    Maybe I don't understand something ...
    But usually this is available by adding my language file to the plugin folder, I add, but nothing happens. Plugin messages in English ...
  12. I get this error on 1.17.1 (switched from 1.13.2)
    [16:45:49 WARN]: com.plotsquared.core.plot.flag.FlagParseException: Failed to parse flag of type 'use'. Value '130' was not accepted.

    Also the aliases are not working anymore.
    i cant teleport to alias but it was set on a plot before.
    In 1.13.2 it was working, but not after conversion...
  13. I bought your resource, is it really so difficult to answer the question?
  14. Put the language file in the "lang" folder and, in the settings file, change "DEFAULT_LOCALE" to the locale of your translation. Possibly need to restart the server after.
  15. Hello, does this work for (paper) 1.17.1 ?
  16. Yes =)
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  17. I can't understand, I have my language in the settings, but it reads the English file
    This link does not download files ...
  18. after i installed it and everything, when i tried to use the commands on my server they didnt show up. /plot doesnt work, /plotsquared doesnt work, and /plugins doesnt show plotsquared as an active plugin. is this a common issue? if so, how do i fix it?
  19. Did you put the language file in the "lang" folder?