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The best plot plugin available for Minecraft.

  1. Just an update: I fixed my problem by brute force. I say "brute force" because I don't know what I did to fix it. I still suspect I fudged up one of the yml or properties files when I set up PlotSquared for the first time a few weeks ago. Anyway, today I saved my plot with WorldEdit, wiped the server clean, set it up again from scratch, and then used World Edit to import my plot. Dropped entities stay put and redstone works correctly! woot!
  2. Good idea. But currently Plotsqured have a function for this. But you can open a new issue as feature-request at https://github.com/IntellectualSites/PlotSquared/issues .

    For which messages you think it's useful?

    Right. It's known.
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  3. Hey in your plugin is a Bug, can so cheat gamemode and can crash the server. Can you please fix it?

  4. (Answered via PM.)

    Result: PlotSquared has no a crash-bug. We think its a problem with the gamemmode-flag at the server of @Sturmkommand06HD .
  5. I cant drop items on the Road WHO can Help?
  6. Hi! How i can merge plot with other player on the server? Anyone can help my please FAST
  7. Hello,

    I apologize if it has been already asked,

    is it possible to use placeholderAPI's placeholders in the language file?

    I have this:

    Code (Text):
        plot_chat_format: '$2[$1Plot Chat$2][$1%plot_id%$2] $1%sender%$2: $1%msg%'
    and I'ld like to replace %sender% with the one given by my nickname plugin
  8. Is there any way to create plots that can be upgraded by players for a cost? let's say a base plot is 16x16x5. I want users to be able to buy the next level to expand their plot to be 16x16x10 and so on.
  9. Hey yo!
    I have a problem with the plots.

    I will upload 1 images.

    Basically When giving / p merge everything well, but then when I give / p unmerge or / p clear the road gets bugged and does not put all the blocks. ALWAYS leave the same. A small part of the bottom part.
    Why will it be?

    Thank you.

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  10. Hilfe wenn ich /p claim geht es nicht! jedoch funktioniert alles tip top aber nicht das claimen und murgen geht auch nicht!

    Help if I /p claim does not work! However, everything works tip top but not claiming and murge does not work!

    The Loc https://hastebin.com/nupagoqicu
  11. Hey I have a Problem PvP ist not working
  12. Hi, I have a problem with flags:
    When I try to add/set/remove a flag to my Plot, the plugin tell me that I don't have the Permission.

    My group permissions:
    • plots.flag
    • plots.flag.add
    • plots.flag.remove
    • plots.flag.info
    • plots.flag.list
    • plots.set
    • plots.flag.flag
    • plots.permback.basicflags
    What I wrong?
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  13. You don't need specify all flags. Use this.
    Put this perms in your group:
    - plots.use
    - plots.permpack.basic
    - plots.permpack.basicflags

    with this perms you can do all things.
    And then if you want to remove perm for any group (parent)
    put the negative perm.
    for example..
  14. Check the plugins that modify the options of the world such as the Multiverse, maybe you have it disabled from there.

    Multiverse, WorldGuard ... Etc.

    You can also check in the file server.properties maybe you have the PVP disabled.

    You have to keep in mind, that if you deactivate the PvP in the world of plots, even if you activate it in your plot, it will not work. And if you leave it activated the pvp in the world of parcels by default there will be pvp in all the plots. This does not matter for creative servers where everyone is in creative and it does not matter if there is pvp in the world or not. But it is bad if you want to make a survival with plots for example or something similar.
  15. Done, but don't work anyway
  16. @Empire92 Just a suggestion, you should add /p auto <amount of plots to claim> which claims plots that are next to each other in case players want to merge their plots.
  17. /plot auto 2,2
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  18. My players have perms to claim plots, but it says they don't have any more to claim when they haven't even claimed one in the first place. How can I fix this? Thanks!
  19. 1. This is going to be updated for 1.13, right?
    2. When I use plot flags like ice-melt and liquid-flow they don't disable their respective properties
    3. Dispensers won't work on my plot world, does anyone know how I can enable them?