Spigot PlotWeatherRule (module for PlotAddOn plugin) 2.0.0

Allow a plot owner to change plot's weather.

  1. vk2gpz submitted a new resource:

    PlotWeatherRule - Allow a plot owner to change plot's weather.

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  2. Bought the API, but this plugin isn't working.


    But nothing happens... Normal /weather storm works fine.
  3. you don't have any other plugin preventing the weather change? What the plugin is doing is to invoke player.setPlayerWeather().

    What do you see if you type /pao info on tha plot?
  4. Pretty sure i don't because /weather storm is juts working.

    /pao info: [​IMG]

    Thanks for the fast reply.
  5. ok, if the weather add on is working, you should something under /pao info.
    do you see any errors in the console when PAO is loaded and/oer when you do /pao weather command?