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  2. I highly doubt any companies (except on the rarest of occasions) give out promotions to new employees after only 1 year mate...
  3. To loyal employees, I did 99% of support.
  4. When you start working with a company never have high expectations with promotions. You may think of yourself as "loyal" but that doesn't mean anything... Years of work and your experience will only get you promotions.
  5. He did mention he wasn't even paid but; Hard to pay employees when they're reselling at $1.50/gb.
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  6. sounds like you need a money manager... and a new ceo lol
  7. I know Mark, he is an extremely hard-working man.

    I think he was taken advantage of, and they expected too much of an employee for which they won't even pay.
    PloxHost needs to improve their hosting service and start paying their employees; in the hosting game, nothing is more important then customer service if something goes wrong. Additionally, I'm not sure it was mature to even post this on Spigot forums, but unmistakably, it appears that the odds of who is in the wrong are in Mark's favor; he should have been paid.

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