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  1. Hello i have PEX on my server and i know how to do ladders esc... but when i do in the ladder pex promote user Staff to go to mod it removes their normal rank so like
    but when i promote them
    it goes to
    and i dont know how to get it to work together?? pls help and also can someone tell me how to add 2 prefixes infront of their name (if they buy a donor rank or something)
    [Z][Gavity]Name <--- thanks
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  3. I dont really get your Problem but for two prefixes you could use a lot of ChatManager Plugins or just a long prefix.
  4. I habe the same problem
    but all answers that i found to this question are that this is not makeable with pex.

    Sorry for my bad english. Im German
  5. Again - I dont know the problem he got but for two Prefixes there are a lot plugins out there.

    On german for

    Ich versteh sein Problem oben nicht weil er es sehr schlecht beschrieben hat allerdings gibt es genügend Plugins die zwei Prefixe ermöglichen. Und um eine gescheite Promotion Ladder zu machen braucht man eigentlich nicht mehr als PEX , weswegen ich sein Problem nicht nachvollziehen kann. Falls du näheres willst => Schreib mir eine private Nachricht.
  6. no when i mean by this is that When i promote a user on the Staff ladder they loose their normal rank and i carnt figure out why
  7. Maybe Im just stupid but isn't that normal? You are promoting the player to a higher rank.
  8. but also can you recommend any rankup plugin that Works with Group manager aswel since PEX carnt do what i need it to do and Group Manager can but when i go looking for a group manager rankup pl i carnt find one that works without having a issue like EZRankslite the prefix of the rank doesnt change EZrankspro when they rankup every 2times they get reset back to the default group and when they rankup again it doesnt work and i get easily fustraited with it
  9. Yes
    Yes that is correct but when i do that they loose their ig rank so like [A4]name
  10. Can you explain me what exactly do you need or better for what do u need it. GroupManager is very simple you could use just the Command with some other Plugins working together, there are also a lot of RankUp Plugins out there.

    You can write me private if you want, a RankUp Plugin isn't hard to code.