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  1. Me and my friends are making a 1.17 server but we want people from 1.16.5 or any other back versions pls help
  2. Version 1.17 is still an unstable version. There will be very few plugins supported.
  3. It isn’t an unstable version, it’s just fairly new so most plugins have t been updated YET. Doesn’t mean it’s unstable.

    you can always try but at this point just run a 1.16.5 server lol you won’t have all the new features so there’s no point in joining with 1.17 client
  4. my friend from bedrock is also comin so we need geyser thats why me ask
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  6. Given the smaller size of the 1.17 update, you'd probably have a more stable experience using a 1.16.5 server and ViaVersion to allow the 1.17 players to join.
  7. Via backwards and via rewind
  8. ????
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